Travelling to Iceland Was Like Diving All-Lost into An Unexpected Beauty: A 3-Day Tour Review

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It’s always thrilling to explore someplace with a climate divergent to your hometown. Being born in India usually means that we get to see a temperature scale over 40℃ a lot. Well, I was no different and as I grew up my cravings to spend a few nights in a cold country kept bubbling up.

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Like every other person in this world, I too employed Google to search for a cool place of my dreams to give a cease to my cravings. There was Antarctica, but I am no scientist. There was Siberia, but I have seen lots of crane in my life so that didn’t work out as well. New York City wasn’t yet a good place, but my budget was somewhat limited. Hence, I had to pull that out from the options too.

After a few minutes analysis of people, culture, landscape, and places to visit, I got a strong idea that Iceland is what I was looking for all the time. A country of friendly people, great food, tranquil forests, ice hotels (hurray!) and whatnot, Iceland is the last resort for heat-escapers. Without wasting a single precious moment, I sought for a perfect Iceland travel package.

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The package was of 3 days 2 nights and combined my top of the most wanted list ‘ice hotels’. Here’s what I experienced:

Day 1: I Stepped on the Land of Reykjavik

Most people would go ahead and rest throughout their first day in a comfy hotel. But, I didn’t want to waste my precious hours doing just that. So I put my backpack on my back left to explore. Hallgrimskirkja was the first place I stopped at. The gigantic Hallgrimskirkja and golden circle are sure to steal away your breath.

Day 2: Light it Up!

Another reason I wanted to visit Iceland is witnessing it my own eyes. After spending my day cleaning up my body in the warm Blue Lagoon spring on a cold day, I had an unforgettable evening tour watching Northern Lights. It sounds unreal that blue and green lights just floats in the sky until you yourself sees it.

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Day 3: Nature Sightseeing

Iceland is a playground of ice and yet it is so populated by diverse wildlife. Hence, I made sure to leave my footprints on the ice of Iceland (even though they fade soon) sightseeing in nature and watching some shy forest animals and birds, including arctic fox, reindeer, rabbits, minks, puffins, and so much more.

If you just want to escape from the crowded metros, I recommend having a tour of Iceland even a little one like mine. The large mountains, clear rivers, and nice people will have a good effect on your remembrance and you will definitely feel energetic for a few months.

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