Top 13 Best Things To Do In Singapore 2019

Things to do in Singapore
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Singapore is one of the most developed, urbanized country in Asia. Below are mentioned few best spots to visit while in Singapore.

13 Best Things To Do In Singapore

1) Go shopping

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is fun. It is not that too expensive and the variety of things available is much broader than in Europe or North America.

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Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but when it comes to shopping clothes or electronic gadgets you can find some real deals.

You can find all sort of cool stuff in Bugis street which is a budget shopping area. Apart from selling clothes, shoes, accessories, it also is a cool place to shop for souvenirs and yes, do not forget to bargain.

2) Walk Around

We can say that Chinese influence is everywhere. Walking around the streets in Singapore and tasting the delicious food it offers is amazing. While walking you might come across some of the wood carving shops, tea houses, and flower sellers on the streets of this big city.

Singapore Streets

Singapore is a multicultural place which will definitely tell you a story of its heritage, and not to forget the mouth-watering street food.

3) City View

You can get a beautiful panoramic view of the city into an observation wheel. It is Asia’s largest Ferris wheel from where you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the city. From 540 feet high, with all the iconic landmarks right in front of you at a bird’s eye view.

Ferris Wheel View Singapore

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The full circle from the flyer takes about 30 minutes and cost $33 for an adult.

4) Buy Cheap Electronics

Planning to buy a new smartphone? Well, then no place is better than Singapore.

Cheap electronics SingaporeIf you are in Singapore and planning to buy a new smartphone or a camera then you can visit Sim Lim shopping centre which would be a perfect choice. The shopping centre is in the city and it has 6-7 electronic stores.

5) Visit Sentosa Island

Though, it will far away from the beauty of the Malaysian island, otherwise it is very alive. Do not expect Bounty commercial type of beach here. Sentosa is one of the most popular island resort in Singapore. Apart from the island, the Universal studio amusement park is also located there. You can get to the Sentosa island by foot, train or by cable car.

Sentosa Island Singapore

6) Rooftop Bar

If visiting Singapore even for just one day, the skyscraper is a must visit.

You can visit the Marina Bay Sands hotel which has a rooftop bar called KuDeTa and right above it is the sky park observation deck from where you can enjoy the city’s skyline. It will cost $23.

Rooftop Bar Singapore

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Another rooftop bar is On Altitude, which is one of the tallest buildings in the country. This rooftop bar will cost you $30 if you arrive before9 pm and $35 if you arrive later than 9 pm.

7) Street Food

Who does not like to have street food? Singapore is definitely not the cheapest country in the world, but food can be surprisingly cheap.

Street food Singapore

The dish will cost you $2-$3.

With endless choices and mouth-watering dishes, Singapore has all from typical rice cakes to delicious chicken rice.

8) Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa Singapore

Haw par villa is one of those places that you will not find in a typical tourist picture in Singapore. Haw par villa is a theme park. It is one of the world’s weirdest theme parks which depicts Chinese folklore with over 1,000 statues. It is one of the fascinating places which definitely needs to be visited at least once.

9) Singapore Zoo

The Singapore zoo is known to be one of the main attractions over there. You can see animals of various kinds of pygmy hippos to orang-utans and many other animals.

Singapore comes with four options to consider if visiting a zoo. There are four zoos in Singapore you can consider before visiting.

Singapore Zoo

  1. Singapore zoo with over 2,800 animals
  2. Jurong Birds park with over 500 birds and across 400 species. It is known to be one of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world.
  3. Night safari with over 1000 animals.
  4. River safari with world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna and over 6000 animals including 40 threatened species.

If you have time, then you can visit all of them.

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10) The Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Singapore

The botanical garden in Singapore is very beautiful with its gorgeous alleys. The garden makes one feel modern, fresh and ordered. Entry to the garden is free of cost. You can experience the beauty and the fragrance the garden offers, with different kinds of flowers all around.

11) Cloud forest

Cloud forest is a real jungle, just the difference is that it is built on concrete. The cloud forest comes with all new concept with planted walls, artificial waterfalls, that is something absolutely surreal.

Cloud Forests Singapore

You can enjoy the magnificent view it offers and can learn about rare plants and obviously take great pictures. The cloud forest not only features a 35-meter hill covered with lush vegetation but is also consists of world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

12) Light and water show

Wander full light and water show is must to visit if visiting Singapore. It is one of the great shows in Singapore and free of cost. The show includes a choreography between singing fountains and projections on their splashes.

Light Show Singapore

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13) Super tree grove light show

Who does not enjoy the light show? Light shows are amazing especially when you come across futuristic looking trees and mushrooms lighted up in different ways together with music. The light show perfectly depicts each and every detail to create an atmosphere that gives a fantastic feeling of wonder and stimulates the mind.

The super tree grove light show is free of cost.

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