TSG’s 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok, Thailand

Best Vegeterian Restaurants In Bangkok
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Planning a trip abroad is a delightful feeling in itself. But when one plans a trip to a place which is not on common turf as far as food is concerned, it becomes a thing to worry. Bangkok is one of the favorite tourist destinations for people of India. With their cuisine flavor a lot different from us, we worry about what food availability choices we are left with. Worry not. Here comes a list of Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok that you can rely on to satiate your stomach.

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1) Na Aroon At Ariyasomvilla Boutique Hotel

Na Aroon Bangkok

Na Aroon is a hidden gem for a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. It is an award-winning restaurant which also offers excellent Thai Food. It is situated at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 1. It is built around 1940’s style Bangkok Villa and has a real old World Charm. It has teak wood floors, high ceilings, and original artwork. It has healthy, tasty, organic and mainly vegetarian food with no meat policy. It offers Thai and Western Cuisine.

2) Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

TSG's 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok, Thailand / Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

Rasayana is an ancient Sanskrit term which means ‘Rejuvenation’. Rasayana Raw Food Cafe is located in an oasis of green in the heart of Bangkok, at Prom-mitr Sukhumvit 39. The menu here is crafted of entirely raw vegan foods. No animal products are used and dishes are kept below 48°C. The meal is wholesome and refreshing. The menu is a diverse but large number of main dishes are mixes of fancy salad like dishes. It is experimental but indeed a must-visit.

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3) Saras Veg Food

Saras Veg Food

Saras name derives from Sanskrit and means ‘with juice’. It has Thai Vegetarian, Indian-Chinese and Indian food options. It is like a backstreet Indian diner. The food is tasty and fresh, the portions are big hence ideal for families. It has a variety of North Indian as well as South Indian Food. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 20, Sukhumvit Road and available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4) Ethos International Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

TSG's 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok, Thailand / Ethos International Vegetarian

Ethos Restaurant is located on a small quiet side of KhaoSan Street. It is meant for comfort and relaxing oneself. It is known as ‘Travelers Oasis‘. It has low, round tables and normal sit down tables. It offers good shakes and yogurt smoothies with wholesome starters.  It has different varieties of cuisines like Lebanese, Italian, Chinese and Traditional Indonesian. It has variety and delicious food.

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5) May Kaidee Restaurant

TSG's 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok, Thailand / May Kaidee Restaurant

May Kaidee started as backpackers vegetarian Cafe to serve masses on KhaoSan Road but now has 3 branches in Bangkok. It has modified food for the foreign palate and has healthy options. It doesn’t use MSG or even Fish Sauces. It has over 50 dishes which are vegetarian or vegan. The food is pocket-friendly also. May Kaidee means ‘May Sells Well’. The atmosphere here is cool, trendy but still traditionally Thai.

6) Anotai Vegeterian Restaurant

TSG's 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok, Thailand / Anotai Vegeterian Restaurant

Anotai is a vegetarian restaurant and bakery at Hwaykwang at Bangkapi opposite Rama 9 Hospital in Bangkok. It has delicious in-house made cakes and desserts with a nice presentation. It provides with Upscale Thai and Italian Style veggie restaurant. They have their own vegetable market and organic farm. It has great tofu options and organic salads, pasta and herbal juices.

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7) Khun Churn Vegeterian

Khun Churn Vegeterian

Khun Churn is a healthy, delicious, vegetarian Thai Restaurant. It is located in the Bangkok Mediplex Building on Sukhumvit Soi 42. It has a meat-free Thai Restaurant where dishes are without meat but the restaurant does not use fake meat or protein substitute but rather sticks to fresh vegetables. It serves brown rice over white. And also substitutes non-dairy cereal cream for coconut milk.

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