Top Tips On Booking Last-Minute Deals For Cruises

Top Tips On Booking Last-Minute Deals For Cruises
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If you have heard of the saying ‘strike while the iron is hot’, this is the same when you are looking into last-minute cruise booking. Last-minute bookings can make things spontaneous or more stressful depending on your outlook and normal holiday booking style.

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There are a great number of unbeatable deals that can often be found at the 11th hour and it’s great to take advantage of them. If you want to discover the best last-minute cruise deals, check an operator’s website for some of the top recommendations and prices. Cruise booking isn’t as simple as it once was, however, so using comparison sites like Cruise Guru gives you the upper hand and helps you get the best at short notice.

Top Tips On Booking Last-Minute Deals For Cruises

Know what your booking window is

The booking window refers to the average number of days between the time someone makes a booking to when the departure is. This normally used to be shorter but has recently grown to by more than 6 months on several cruise lines. Moreover, there is a quicker period in which the cabins get booked up. However, the booking window does change depending on what destinations you are looking at and which deals are running at any given time. Either way, it’s worth taking this into consideration for last-minute deals.

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Best cruise lines for last-minute bookings

There are some lines that are well-known for giving deals for last-minute spots such as a cruise from Brisbane. These are trickier to find on more luxurious ships that tend to have fewer spaces. If you are looking at the main ones, however, you can find popular ones normally having quite a few last-minute spots to book.

Top Tips On Booking Last-Minute Deals For Cruises

Timing your searches right

The timing of your search for last-minute deals can also be a deal-breaker. Many cruise lines will have a final payment date which is a very strict deadline and after that, you won’t be able to put down deposits. After this deadline, customers either send the total or make cancellations. At this point, the lines know exactly how booked up the ship is and they are ready to open last-minute deals. This is a great time to search for prices as if there are a good number of cabins left, the prices will drop significantly in order for the cruise line to fill the space.

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Another last-minute tip is to search for off-peak times. Whether the season isn’t the hottest or it’s the school holidays, being tactical about when you time your vacation and look for a last-minute deal is crucial to spotting something great.

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