Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World
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Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

It’s been stated that islands represent paradise, the crystal waters in different shades of blue, the warm, soft sand and the lush greenery are impeccable and tempting which makes it irresistible to visit. These exotic places have a lot to offer from calming and replenishing one to activities for fun and recreation. The 5-star properties bring you the luxurious experience and it seems to be a dream no one would ever wish to wake up from, so here we bring you the list of top most beautiful islands in the world to visit.

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Santorini, Greece

Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

A warm, beautiful and romantic environment for newlyweds, Santorini provides a wonderful experience. Its’ story started back in 1650 B.C. when a massive volcano erupted here. Surrounded by exotic beaches and whitewashed homes, it has 2 inhabited islands and a lot of islets. The black and red sands leave quite a mark on your memory, among the beautiful castle-like homes, making the traveller come back again and again for more. There’s a massive turquoise pool, as clear as the sky of Greece. Santorini has multiple villages like Fira, Oia, Firostefani, located in the caldera and has incredible views of the sunset and the beautiful sea. Take a bath, visit the wineries, float in a boat, visit the small villages or just sit down and enjoy the quite nightlife at the beach. Liveable throughout the year, the place is at its best from June to September and is easy on the pockets. Santorini offers multiple hotels and restaurants available throughout the year.


Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

The Maldives is the most wonderful island on this planet. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, this comprises about 1000 of coral islands. The shores, tidal ponds, corals reefs and marine life of Maldives have a remarkable wonder that can’t be expressed in words. It is a standout amongst the most stunning spots you need to visit in your lifetime. The shores of Maldives are imbibed with white sands and clear waters. It is outstanding amongst other spots on Earth to appreciate its clearest, bluest waters. Among the shores of Maldives, most alluring one is a sparkling beach of Vaadhoo Island. You can see an enchantment of normally sparkling ocean waters there, which is created by planktons. Maldives is home to 70 unique kinds of corals and marine life.

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Whitsundays, Australia

Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Boasting of 74 islands, the Whitsundays stand on the coast of Queensland at the Great Barrier Reef. Home to the biggest spa ventures of the world like Hamilton Island, Daydream Island Resort and Spa on Long Island, it offers activities for luxurious vacations, be it food or wine tasting, or adventures like sailing and hiking. These little pieces of marvellous islands are a thing of beauty, especially from the air. Sit back and enjoy a ride in the helicopter over these islands, or go skydiving above these beautiful landscapes. Enjoy the seafood with the locals and relax in the resort to, swim at any of the beaches and explore the marine world, and take advantage of free spa services provided at many hotels around. A must visit for the adrenaline rush seekers, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing are just a few of the many activities offered. Visit the place in September to witness a beautiful spring with sunny days and the least rainfall and humidity. Even though the spending might burn a hole in your pocket, with an average spend of $100 per day, an Australian trip still remains incomplete without a visit to the Whitsunday Islands.


Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Fiji is situated in South Pacific Ocean near Australia and New Zealand. It’s a perfect holiday spot and is pretty affordable too. Fiji offers a lot to the people, here you can do river rafting, scuba diving, trekking, dirt biking, skydiving or choose to unwind and relax in worlds most accredited spas and beaches. It has about 332 islands and only one-third of them are possessed. Tourism is the main source of Fiji’s economy. This place has everything one wishes for – flawless lagoons, coral reefs and white sand beaches filled with palm trees. Fiji additionally has rainforests and sky-high peaks. The place is a home to some amazing waterfalls.

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Bora Bora               

Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Bora Bora is the most renowned and marvellous island in French Polynesia. It’s a well-acclaimed vacation destination. Bora is a paradise, in a photo or genuine living, its main attraction is the shocking, turquoise lagoon that surrounds the island. It is the best amongst the most excellent lagoons on the planet. The white sandy beaches of Bora are a feast for your eyes. The waters of these beaches have clear shades of turquoise, emerald, and blue hues. Most beaches in Bora are exclusive. The most famous, and the most excellent open beach in Bora, is Matira Beach. There are various fun and recreational activities to indulge in such as aqua bike adventure, glass bottom boat tour, parasailing, Jet Ski, lagoon cruise, snorkelling, scuba diving and stand-up paddling.


Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Seychelles is an archipelago and sovereign state in the Indian Ocean situated near the coast of East Africa. Its beaches are the main attraction with white sands and topaz waters. Seychelles is rich in marine biodiversity. This island has six marine national parks. Above all, Seychelles is additionally home to impeccably in place coral reefs. The attractions of Seychelles are never-ending, the Seychellois national park on the island of Mahe is home to Seychelles highest peak – Morne Seychellois. It has a height of 905 meters. This place has a lot to offer from fun activities like diving and snorkelling to sighting corals gardens, shipwrecks, shallow shells, and this paradise doesn’t cost you a fortune rather it is fairly affordable.

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Crete, Greece

Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Crete is the biggest and is amongst the most wonderful islands of Greece. The reason to visit Crete is its heavenly beaches with crystal waters. The coastline of Crete extends more than 650 miles. One can even discover uninhabited beaches on this perfect island. Crete additionally has stunning mountains, amazing valleys, and steep gorges. Crete has numerous canyons and gorges. Gratefully, numerous clubs offer memorable mountaineering experiences. The high mountain ranges are another awesome fascination of this Island, White Mountains, Ida range, and Dikti Range. Crete is a perfect place for waterfall lovers. There are several stunning waterfalls on this island.  Crete is blessed with exceptionally rich greenery, it has more than 2000 types of plants. Crete has lush forests, excellent islets, and astonishing caves.

Cook Islands

Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

The Cook Islands are situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The island is famous for and has numerous café’s, bars and clubs the astonishing beauty of nature spell bounds the visitors. The place has various small deserted islands which make it furthermore scenic.  It’s a paradise for visitors as one gets to experience its white-sand beaches, warm weather, and crystal blue waters. The archipelago’s 15 islands are famously known for their tempting sea green/blue lagoons, beaches with palm trees, and volcanic peaks. The best part is that local people are among the friendliest people in the South Pacific. Rarotonga is a visitor point, which has numerous resorts, sky-high peaks, and various beaches.

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Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Bali is the main vacation spot in Indonesia, other Islands on the planet are nothing compared to the beauty of this island. Bali is famous worldwide for its history, spirituality and obviously for the astounding scenery. Bail is rich in greenery. This worldly island is home to lush tropical forests, notable rice porches, stunning volcanic slopes, delightful coral reefs, waterfalls and perfect shorelines. This profoundly rich island has numerous temples that vary in size and shapes. These temples are universally celebrated for their extraordinary, hundreds of year’s old design. The natives there are very friendly and they generally give a warm welcome to visitors.


Top Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Moorea is the most stunning island in French Polynesia. It’s situated about 12 miles from Tahiti. Moorea is an incredible vacation destination for all age groups. Bound by the splendid blue Lagoon, Moorea Island is known for its lovely mountain peaks, lush hills, and sandy beaches. The hills and mountains of this lovely island are a perfect place for climbing and trekking, one can discover a wide range of climbing trails in Moorea. This island has a dearth of beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfalls. They are not so huge but rather stunningly wonderful to catch everyone’s attention. There is a phenomenal opunohu cove On the Northern side of the island. One can enjoy to their fullest and have fun through water activities such as snorkelling, jet skiing and whale watching on Moorea island.

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