Top Best 15 Things To Do In Oahu Hawaii 2019

Things to do in oahu
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Oahu is the third largest island of the Hawaii. Majority of the Hawaii population reside here and is filled by the travellers from around the world. enjoying the sun with admiring the mother nature, Oahu is the best place, an island with culinary traditions, entertainment, art and even languages. Oahu is a perfect place for a vacation. You can also enjoy plenty of activities from surfing to visiting the submarine museum and park. In no specific order, here are the best things to do in Oahu, Hawaii.

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1) Visiting the Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers Market

Kapiolani Farmer Market Hawaii
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It is well known for its culinary school and is a home to a weekly farmers market. Farmers in Hawaii or around the island easily grow fresh crops for businesses, due to amazing warm weather of Hawaii. Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers Market is a best place to find fresh flowers from big island’s green point nursery. You can even buy freshly picked red rambutan fruit and taste food such as otsuji farm’s sweet potato and banana fritters covered in maple syrup.

2) Visit Luau

Luau Oahu Hawaii
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In Oahu, Hawaii culture is a big part. At Paradise Cove, Luau is a place which takes people back in time by creating an authentic experience, showcasing how the people of Hawaii used to eat, live and celebrate. One can also participate in activities like stringing a lei, weaving a headband and throwing a spear while learning about Hawaiian history. Luau in Hawaii means to feast. You can also find food such as lomi salmon (cold tomato and salmon salad), taro bread rolls, cold haupia (coconut jello dessert) and juicy kalua pork. Eat, sit and relax as entertainers showcase the Hawaiian music and hula’s progression throughout the decades.

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3) Street Food

Oahu Food

With different cultures, there is a melting pot cuisines on the island. In Hawaiian culture, food trucks play a major role. Over here, children chase after the ice cream truck for a chance to grab something small t eat, ranging from snacks to plate lunches. In Oahu, Eat the Street is a theme event that happens monthly in the hipster neighbourhood of Kakaako on last Friday of every month. The event represents around 40 food trucks serving portions of food. And yes, you can try definitely everything as the food served is just a portion of sharing that makes sure that you have room in your tummy to try more food. You will find foods from waffle dogs with cheese to burgers and more, satisfying your taste buds with assorted flavour of Hawaiian food.

4) The Iolani Palace

Lolani Palace

King Kalakaua ruled Hawaii in late 1980’s and the palace was the official residence of these Majesties and their successor, Queen Liliuokalani. Visitors can see the private chambers of the royal family, and can walk through the corridors of this palace and imagine royal balls with dancing and music in the throne room, as well as the feasts in the state dining room. Visitors are even allowed to see the room where Queen Liliuokalani was held under house arrest for five months.

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5) Enjoy sunrise and sunset

Oahu Hawaii Sunrise Sunset

The beauty of the beach lies beyond the horizon, while it’s always a bliss to take a moment and dip in the ocean and bask in the sun and the beauty of the island. To watch the beautiful sunrise greeting the island, best place to watch is towards the end of Kailua Beach. From there, one will be able to get a panoramic view. Similarly, to watch a sunset, west or the south shores of the island is a best place. To bid the sun farewell, Kahanamoku Beach is a best place and lies right before Waikiki Beach.

6) Surfing

Surfing in Hawaii

The excellent waves of the Hawaii beaches, makes it a great place to surf. Duke Kahanamoku is an Olympic gold medal swimmer, who spreads the joy of surfing. Earlier, surfing in Hawaii was a sport reserved only for the royalty but eventually every one could enjoy the happiness and joy of surfing. One can also learn to surf here. Hawaii has a Gone Surfing School, which is a fully licensed and insured surf school with a team of qualified instructors. The school also offers private group classes, since everyone has a different way of learning. Whether surfing for the first time or want to learn new tricks to be a better surfer, Gone Surfing Hawaii will be able to teach techniques.

7) Visiting North Shore

North Shore Oahu

North Shore offers a peaceful environment. From Oahu, it takes only 25 minutes’ drive to reach the countryside of the secluded beach. Garlic shrimp is the best place not to be missed if visiting North Shore. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is the best known shrimp truck. Apart from Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, Romy’s Kahuku Prawns is also one of the island’s best known shrimp trucks. Mastumoto’s shave ice is a must visit if you have a sweet tooth. The North shore is not only a place to treat your taste buds but also offers jumping off the famous Waimea Bay Beach rock. Waimea Bay Beach rock is a best place to face your fear of heights.

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8) Shopping

Oahu Shopping

Aloha Stadium’s Swap Meet is a great place to shop. This place is not too expensive, so one can easily buy souvenirs and snacks for friends and family without emptying their pockets much. Aloha Stadium’s Swap Meet has a wide collection of gifts to buy with over 400 merchants. Over here, you can buy things from Hawaiian print shirts, beach towel to an electronic gadget.

9) Koko Head Stairs

Koko Head Stairs Oahu

Koko Head Stairs is located on Oahu’s South shore. It contains over 1000 steps with an amazing view. Originally, the trail was a railroad which was built decades ago. If visiting Koko Head Stairs, don’t forget to carry comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, water, sunscreen and a hat to avoid Hawaii’s daytime heat. If visiting Koko Head Stairs, you will be astonished by the 360 degree view of mountains and sea it offers.

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10) Explore the Island

Oahu island

Going on a leisure ride around the island is not a bad idea. The drive around the island will lead to an adventure. It takes around 2 hours driving around the island. You can also book a bucket list tour if you don’t wish to drive. Create a custom tour and book a bucket list with the Godspeed Adventures.

11) Dole Pineapple Garden Maze

Pineapple Garden Maze Hawaii

Dole’s Pineapple Garden Maze is world’s largest maze. The maze occupies an area of more than 2 acres. Apart from blazing the gorgeous 14,000 Hawaiian plants in tropical colours, the maze contains a shape of huge pineapple in the center.

12) Tour in a Submarine

Submarine Hawaii

Have a tour of water of Waikiki. Get to know what lies beneath the Waikiki Beach. Go on an underwater tour with Atlantis Submarines. Board the shuttle at the Hilton Pier located in front of the Hilton Hawaiian village Ali’s tower. Dive past the numerous coral formations at a depth of 80-110 feet.

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13) Splurge with a tour aboard a Catamaran

Cataraman Hawaii

Get an experience and take a wild side specialty tour cruise, beginning at the Waianae boat harbour. Wild side tour offers tour for up to six people with their second boat which is 34 foot Baha King Cat Alaka’i. You will get a chance to spot dolphins and if lucky enough, you might even spot a pod of pilot whales.

14) Explore Kualoa Ranch and Ka’a’awa Valley

Ka’a’awa Valley

Kualoa Ranch and Ka’a’awa Valley are Oahu’s one of the most historic areas. Ka’a’awa Valley, is Oahu’s most beautiful valley and is untouched by modern development. From Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is only 45 minutes away from Waikiki. On special permit, you can visit and explore the ranch and the valley.

15) Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo Hawaii

Honolulu Zoo is located in the Queen Kapi’olani Park on the east end of Waikiki. Honolulu Zoo is the largest zoo originating from a king’s grant of royal lands and is within a radius of 2,300 miles. The zoo contains over 1,230 animals, including numerous species of animals and is often overlooked by the travellers.

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The places listed above is a must visit. Make sure to explore these places with the different cultures of Hawaii.