Top Best 12 Things To Do In Anchorage 2019

Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage
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Thinking of visiting a beautiful place which offers stunning views, great museums, diverse cultural attractions, and unique wildlife? Anchorage is the place with amazing scenic views. This place is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. You can plan an exciting day tour, which will get you an opportunity to get to see the glaciers at Portage Lake from close up, ride the scenic Glacier Discovery Train, learn about the wildlife photography, enjoy and surround yourself with beautiful nature.

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Best 12 Things To Do In Anchorage 2019

Here is a list to do when visiting Anchorage.

1) Portage Glacier Cruise & Tour

Portage Glacier Cruises | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

If you want to experience the icy wilderness of Alaska like never before, this exclusive glacier tour is a must. This exclusive glacier tour is conducted on the Portage Lake, on an operating boat on the lake. It is narrated by a representative from the U.S forest service. The tour begins first by visiting the wildlife conservation center, where you are given an opportunity to explore the famous wildlife sanctuary and learn about the fauna. After this, you will be taken to the lake, where you can hop on board the MV Ptarmigan for a board cruise across Portage Lake. The tour gives an opportunity to watch the massive hunks of ice break off and crash into the icy water below.

2) The Glacier Discovery Train

Glacier Discovery Train | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

Explore the place with the luxury train journey, sliding through the countryside and soaking up the views. The train travels south from the Anchorage along Turnagain Arm towards the Grandview. The train journey allows you to take in the breath-taking natural scenery and glaciers of Whittier, Spencer Lake, and the Chugach Mountains along the way. You can also go to Spencer lake for hiking, rafting or canoe trips. Apart from this, you can also explore the alpine regions of the Chugach mountains and see the glacial runoff and snowmelt that plummets down the mountain faces in thundering waterfalls before reaching the final destination.

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3) Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The park offers a fantastic array of outdoor activities and adventures throughout the year. The park covers an area of 1400 acres of pristine, which has the natural terrain with a variety of wildlife and boasts spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. If the season includes less snow, then the place is best for hiking and biking paths, while winter months also is fun over here. The winter months offer world-class Nordic skiing and biathlon.

4) Photo Treks

The trek is run by a trio of professional photographers. Photo treks are fun and offer photo-centric tours and workshop around Anchorage. People here want great memories while the photographers do the same by capturing amazing photos of the travelers. The photo trek takes you to amazing and beautiful locations in the country.

Photo Treks Anchorage | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The trek offers a variety of tours where you can also customize your tour. The trek ranges from the single day and multi-day trek to winter treks and custom designed tours according to requirements.

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5) Anchorage Day Tours

Anchorage Day Tours | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

You can explore the city and surrounding areas. The Planet Earth Adventures provides guided tours to the city, where you get an amazing experience exploring Anchorage. The tour is guided by experts who share their knowledge and interesting facts about the region. The day tours from Anchorage include the Alaska wildlife tour, taking you along the Turnagain Arm on the Seward Parkway to the Alaska wildlife conservation center. The wildlife conservation center displays the country’s incredible wildlife along the way, such as caribou, eagles, and moose. The tour is a fantastic tour which explores both the historical and cultural sites of the city to many famous landmarks.

6) Originale, Anchorage, Alaska

Originale is located at the Metro Mall which serves fare with delectable food, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service. The owners seasonally change the menu that features sandwiches, antipasti, coffee, and desserts. Sergio and Roseli Anzilotti, the owners draw the inspiration menu from their homeland. The Antipasto platters come with an assortment of mouth-watering Italian meats, aged cheeses, Caprese skewers, nuts, and olives.

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7) Valley of the Moon Park

Valley of the Moon Park | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The valley of the Moon Park is named after the Indian title. The valley of the moon park is a gorgeous public park, popular for its excellent playgrounds and beautiful picnic spots. The playground offers an array of accessible play equipment, such as swings, slides, monkey bars and a rocket ship shaped playset. Apart from this, the playground also includes an open playfield, baseball field, plenty of tables and benches for relaxing.

8) Sacks Café and Restaurant

Sacks Cafe | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The sacks café and restaurant is located in downtown Anchorage. It is a bistro style eatery with a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The menu over here is globally inspired cuisine that focuses on local produce and fresh seafood. The food includes favorites such as homemade ravioli, salmon, and chicken tacos. The sack café and restaurant also offers weekend brunch for the food lovers.

9) Alaska Zoo

Alaska Zoo | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The Alaska Zoo was established in 1969 and is a refuge for the orphaned, injured and captive-born animals for over 40 years. The Alaska zoo is home to more than 100 animals and birds and exotic species such as yaks, Amur tigers, and Bactrian Camels. The beginning of the zoo involves getting started with the rich history and progress through the years at the discovery center. The zoo is very much involved in conservation and research, offering educational programs such as the species survival program for snow leopards and tigers.

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10) Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Wildlife Conservation Center | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

The tour starts from the conservation center itself to feeding tours of the resident wildlife. The tour is narrated by the professional guides with great experience in the field of tourism and conservation. The Alaska wildlife center comes with a variety of tours that it offers throughout the year. The tour includes Moose & Musk Ox Calf Bottle Feeding and Sven the Rambling Reindeer. The tour teaches a lot about the life and habits of a porcupine.

11) Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

Coastal Wildlife Refuge | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

Located on the raspberry road, Anchorage, Alaska, the Coastal Wildlife Refuge stretches for 16 miles from Point Woronzof to potter creek. The Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge provides a shelter to local wildlife. The migrating snow geese and Sandhill cranes are served as a critical resting and feeding place. The bird and animal lovers can find excellent bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities. It also features winding wooden walkway through the marsh for visitors to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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12) Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum | Best Things To Do In Anchorage | Best Places To Visit In Anchorage

It is the largest museum in Alaska and features 20 exhibitions a year focusing on history, culture, and art. The museum is located in downtown Anchorage. The Anchorage Museum is a community-based institution. It is one of the most popular attractions and gives an interactive hands-on and minds on the center where children of all ages can learn science. The museum features over 80 exhibits across the globe. The museum takes a journey through the center of the earth, into the solar system and beyond.

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