Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon
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“Sand in your feet, wind in your hair, and happiness within” sounds like an ideal honeymoon vacation. Sri Lanka with its array of beaches must be on your bucket list. There is no better place to celebrate your love for each other than this small but glamourous Island country of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the only place that offers the best of both worlds, whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or the one with recreational activities, Sri Lanka is the place you must be headed. The favorable temperate climate of this place attracts couples, and that is just one of the million reasons to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. We have collated a list of Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon.

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Temperate Cool Climate

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

No matter which month you plan your honeymoon in Sri Lanka offers a year-round cool climate with moderate rainfall, and the rain doesn’t cause any kind of trouble to the tourists. The weather is also varied in the sense that you will experience cool breezes in the hill country and dry heat on the southern beaches, both of these giving you a different perspective of Sri Lanka. But the good thing is that it’s always sunny somewhere in Sri Lanka, so when planning your trip better make sure of the coast and climate.

An Affordable Treat

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

It is a stereotype that all good things come at a high cost, but that is not always true, and especially not true when it comes to planning a holiday in Sri Lanka. It is comparatively less expensive to other foreign countries, but there is a compromise on the quality. From traveling, hotels, sightseeing, and retail therapy all come at a low cost but superior quality. Sri Lanka is rightly called “Luxury on a budget.” The beaches of Bentota and Galle and thriving with restaurants and bars all for the tourists and couples. They also offer a couple, discounts on drinks and food. You will be able to eat like a king, drive around in luxury cars and travelers and still return back home with a barely used credit card and memories of a luxurious honeymoon.

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Pristine Beaches

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

The waves can be crashing onto the sand, snaking rivulets of water onto the quiet sand, sun-bleached sand crystals burning the feet, and volleyball played on the ever-shifting surface of the sand. Giving the beaches of Bentota and Galle a Mediterranean feel. the vibrant colors on the beach give you a romantic feeling. The beaches of Hikkaduwa in Galle and Bentota beach are sure to give you a feeling of euphoria. While some beaches are crowded and thriving with tourists, the others are calm and you can walk hand in hand with your partner sharing the ultimate happiness and love of being together. You can get your photos clicked at the beaches with accessories of gems and shells. Nothing better than laying on the beach beside your partner and getting an even body tan. The clear waters of the beach are also ideal for a dip. Sri Lanka, blessed with an incredible coastline, is also world-famous for water sports mainly surfing, scuba diving and sea walking.

Sri Lankan Cuisine Is Drool-Worthy And Lip-Smacking

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is incomplete without some delicious, lip-smacking and mouth-watering cuisine. Their cuisine includes a lot of freshwater fish like crabs, lobsters, prawns and a variety of shellfish. The food is incomplete without sipping on some refreshing coconut water. The coconut palms are thriving with coconuts and it’s a must to try some. Other than being refreshing, coconut water is very nutritious. Honeymoon is not a time to think about calories and dieting. It is a way of letting loose and enjoying the delicacies. A variety of rice and curries are the specialty and every day we would get to try something new.

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Traveling Is Easy & Affordable

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

Just like cabs and rickshaws are available at our beck and call, so are the “tuk-tuks” in Sri Lanka. They are like modified cycles with gears and seats. They are inexpensive and have fixed rates for destinations however one can bargain and come to a reasonable price. Other than this, trains are also a inexpensive as well as a beautiful way of traveling. The trains pass through the tea estates and plantations and we get to witness some beautiful and serene trails of Galle and Bentota. Traveling by luxurious cars is also another option and cars are easily hireable.

Incredible Hotels & Resorts

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

They offer a variety of styles of hotels for every honeymoon couple. Ranging from bungalows to suites, to rooms, you name it and they can provide for it. Besides the accommodation, some resorts are bound to be beaches and have infinity pools, spa facilities, ecolodges, and private villas. All these are at an amazing price and will make choosing a perfect hotel the easiest decision of the trip.

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People Are Welcoming & Cooperative

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Galle & Bentota For Your Honeymoon

Tourists are given a warm welcome, be it at the hotel or at restaurants and bars, or at sightseeing places or in the tuk-tuks, they consider the tourists and guests close to god. They make sure we have the best experience. They help us understand the directions and guide you correctly. They do not have any intention of swindling money from you. The shop keepers and vendors are ready to negotiate at reasonable prices. All these factors make the stay better for the couple and they can focus more on each other.

Sri Lanka is truly paradise on earth, It promises the best to the couple in terms of climate, food, recreation facilities, leisure and most importantly celebrating their love for each other as well as love for the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Galle and Bentota being the best places to spend your honeymoon in are appeasing and a mix of the party as well as peace.

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I was invited by Srilanka Tourism Promotion Bureau on a FAM Trip but as always, all opinions are my own.

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