Top 6 Reasons To Visit Spice Plantation In Goa

Spice Plantation
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The Sojourn to Goa is more than just hitting the exotic beaches and visiting the holy churches. The landscape of Goa is a refreshment site by itself. The lush greenery, beaches lined by coconut trees the sand and the ambiance, are all an enchantment that beckons us to visit the place. It is the appreciation of the eco-friendly environment that makes us recommend you to have a spice plantation tour when you visit Goa. It is the ‘flavour’ of the plantation; you sure do not want to give amiss. Discover the reasons you need to visit the Spice Plantation as you scroll below.

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Top 6 Reasons To Visit Spice Plantation In Goa

A traditional Welcome – As one arrives at the spice plantation, it is the hospitability, one witness, then and throughout the tour that touches most. A welcome with a flower garland, vermilion on the head and a gesture that speaks of warmth will fill you with delight. Then they serve a lemongrass/jasmine tea with spices that are good for the stomach and has medical properties too.

Spices in their natural habitat – India is called the ‘Land of Spices’ as a variety of them are grown and used by us all. Every household is a regular user of spices, but there are only a few who have seen them grow and in their raw form. The Spice Plantation tour is very educative about the various spice plants and the guided tour is just what one needs to be informed, about their benefits.

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Spice Plantation

Flora and fauna – The charm of the spice plants and the aroma that lits up the air is an experience by itself. Other than that, it is an enamoring view to see small butterflies, ducks, several species of birds and flowers. The plantation is a delightful example of eco-friendly atmosphere and certainly a refreshing change from the concrete jungle which we are otherwise used to.

Traditional lunch – After the guided tour, the visitors are treated to lunch which is inclusive of cost in the entry ticket of 400 INR. The lunch is purely organically made and the ingredients are grown on farms that do not use any pesticides or chemical products. The food is served in flat bamboo baskets lined with banana leaf.

Elephant Bath – There are elephants in the Spice Garden and the visitor are offered to give them a bath or ride one on extra payment. The elephant bath is a fun activity few other places offer and is done under the guidance of the mahout. For those of you who are animal lovers, this sure is an activity you would love to engage in.

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Consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor – The spice farms has in-house Ayurvedic doctors who suggest natural medication for health benefits according to one’s body type. The medicines are made from natural herbs and spices grown in the spine plantation itself. There is also a shop which sells spices, natural oils, cashews and souvenir made from coconut/bamboo.

Reasons To Visit Spice Plantation In Goa

So if you are looking for an offbeat activity on your visit to Goa, a tour of the Spice plantation will be a great idea. It is like a farm picnic with great fresh food and an escapade from the city life. Stay amidst nature for a while and see the loveliness of Goa from a different perspective.

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