Top 16 Best Things To Do In New Orleans in 2019
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New Orleans, state of Louisiana, is the largest metropolitan city. The city is known for it’s French and Spanish Creole architecture. New Orleans is very well known for its cross-cultural, multilingual heritage, cuisine, music, and its festivities. From its main attractions to the Nightlife calls for good times. Below mentioned are things to do if visiting New Orleans.

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1) Backstreet cultural museum 

Backstreet Cultural Museum

Backstreet cultural museum adds unique identity to the city with its off beaten path, establishes by local photographer Sylvester Francis. The museum contains the collection of costumes, memorabilia, photographs, films, and artifacts related to African American culture. The hodgepodge collection is the highlight of the museum.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

2) Chalmette battlefield & Jean Lafitte national park

Chalmette battlefield

The Chalmette battlefield is 6 miles east of New Orleans along the Mississippi River and is a site of 1815 battles of New Orleans. The Chalmette battlefield displays historical markers that help visitors trace the history of the battle of New Orleans.

Jean Lafitte national park

The Jean Lafitte National Park is located several miles southwest of the battlefield. At the national park, you can explore the numerous swamps and bayous.

3) Audubon Nature Institute

This place is a must visit if visiting New Orleans. Audubon Nature Institute is a home to a zoo, aquarium and an insectarium, IMAX theatre and a golf course.

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Audubon Nature Institute

The Audubon Nature Institute is located on the southern edge of Audubon Park west of uptown. The aquarium, IMAX, and the Insectarium are open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and the zoo is open from Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, and Saturday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.

4) City Park

City Park New Orleans

City Park is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. The 12 acre New Orleans Botanical Garden boasts with 2000 different varieties of plants. City Park is home to giant storybook and fairy tale characters and an antique carousel, that is classified as kid-friendly. Not to forget the train garden. The city Park sprawls across 1300 acres and features 26 tennis courts, 12 soccer fields, 2 football stadiums and 18 hole golf course. The City Park is not just a park but a home to world’s largest grove of mature live oaks believed to be between 600 and 900 years old.

It is located to the north of New Orleans near the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The Park is opened daily, 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

5) Museum of Art

Museum Of Art New Orleans

The museum was opened in 1911 and has assembled more than 40,000 works of art. The museum contains a collection of Asian to European masterpieces from 16th to 20thcenturies. The museum is located next to City Park.

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6) Cabildo

The Cabildo

Cabildo was constructed in 1799 when New Orleans was under Spanish rule. The Cabildo is a 3-floor branch of the Louisiana state museum. You will find many artifacts displayed here. The Cabildo design is worth seeing. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 4:30 pm.

7) St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral

It is known to be one of the most recognizable landmarks of New Orleans built in the early 1700s. The place hosts numerous cultural events and free concerts. It is a beautiful place to be visited with unique architecture in the middle of the french quarter.

The place is open to public every day from 7:30 am till 4 pm.

8) St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery

The cemeteries are the main attractions of the New Orleans with many tombs, protecting from rising water levels and with ornate designs that are inspired by French and Spanish architecture. Since the cemeteries are located at one of the dangerous places of the New Orleans, it is best to tag along with the guided tour provided by Save our cemeteries.

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9) Swamp tours

New Orleans Swamp Tours

The bayous is a special place to New Orleans. It stretches from Houston to Mobile, Alabama and places a crucial role in terms of communication and transportation. The bayous is home to various species including the crawfish, shrimp, snakes, alligators, and crocodiles.

10) National world war II museum

National world war II museum

The museum was opened on June 6 in 2000 and contains more than just history buff. The place holds a great collection of artifacts and educational films documented with the aspects of war. Apart from this, the museum also features oral recantations of civilians and soldiers experiences. The museum is located on the magazine street in the warehouse district. It is opened daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

11) Garden District

New Orleans Garden District

The place is located 3 miles southwest of the French quarters and is city’s most beautiful homes. The neighborhood is laden with trees, ivy and beautiful gardens. The place features many tiny shops and cafes.

12) French quarters

French Quarters New Orleans

It is the heart and soul of New Orleans and to explore New Orleans properly, then you must begin your tour with this place. The place was built in 1718 by the French and holds on to its heritage even now. Its main attractions are the Jackson square, the Faulkner house, and the Cabildo. To see the beauty of the New Orleans, prefer the day tour. The place holds good architecture, and you will also find the balconies of the neighborhood designed with baroque ironwork and hanging plants with leafy courtyards filled with fountains. The French quarters also have the infamous party hub in the bourbon street. It is fun to visit this place.

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13) Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street New Orleans

This place offers an authentic New Orleans experience. It is a popular spot for the locals. The street is a 4 block stretch of live music, bars, and restaurants offering cheap drinks and food, night clubs and art galleries. The street also is a shopping haven where the locals sell homemade art and jewelry in the morning from 7 am till 1 pm. If you not into enjoying the night life, you must visit the Frenchmen art market in the morning.

The street is located in the neighborhood of Faubourg Marigny of New Orleans.

14) Blaine kern’s mardi gras world

Mardi Gras World

This place is a warehouse workshop which offers a close up look at some of the flamboyant floats and costumes used in New Orleans famous parties. The place is open every day from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm.

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15) Louisiana children’s museum

As the name suggests, this place is the best place in New Orleans where you can take your kids. It is a 2 story building covering everything from architecture to body mechanics.

Louisiana children’s museum

The place is located to the south of the French quarters in the warehouse district and is open from Tuesday to Saturday 12 pm till 4:30 pm.

16) St. Charles Avenue

St. Charles Avenue

The St. Charles avenue contains a great collection of historic mansions in the south and is known to be the jewel of Americans grand avenue. Over here you can enjoy the nature, architecture and the look of the 19th century New Orleans. This place once housed the most prestigious families in the city.

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