Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon: The Ultimate Lisbon Photography Guide

Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon: The Ultimate Lisbon Photography Guide
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Posting a picture on Instagram is not only the new trend but also a very tiresome activity, keeping in mind the location, lighting, shade and color, special effects, and the part which requires the most deliberation being the caption of the photograph. The whole world is keeping up with this trend especially Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal having one the most scenic and picturesque views to capture photographs while living the moment and then uploading them on Instagram only to relive that moment again and share it with others.

Here are the must-visit spots in Lisbon to click pictures and flood your Instagram with the beauty of this city:

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Here’s A List Of 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

The Pink Street

The Pink Street - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

If you’re looking for an Instagram perfect picture, this could be the place and moment you’ve been looking for. The floor is washed with a bright pink color above which runs a yellow bridge leading towards a blue building. The place doesn’t not only give an appearance of vibrant, it also comes alive due to the presence of bars and booming nightlife. Make sure to visit the Pink Street early in the day to avoid the crowd and be able to get impeccable Instagram worthy pictures clicked.

The Rua Augusta Arch

– One Of The Best Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Rua Augusta Arch - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

The Rua Augusta Arch was built to commemorate the city’s reconstruction after the massive earthquake of 1755. It also serves as an ideal picture spot for all the people who love getting click. The monument built in stone is the description of the city’s aesthetic architecture and talks a lot about its tradition and culture. You will definitely need a panoramic mode to be able to capture the entire monument in one shot. The tall and wide monument is a famous tourist attraction, so make sure to be there during the early hours of the day to avoid the tourist crowd.

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Ler Devagar Bookstore

Ler Devagar Bookstore - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

It sounds like the most boring place on your itinerary until you actually see and get mesmerized by its set up. Literally meaning “Read Slowly”, this hip bookstore is the most Instagram able place in Lisbon, with the multi-story arrangement of the plethora of books, this place is bound to leave you to astound.

Street Art At LX Factory

LX Factory - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Before you move on with your itinerary, make sure to look around and admire the Street Art which is commonly known as vandalism, but this is done with a pure intention of beautifying the cobbled streets of Lisbon. Don’t miss the opportunity of snapping some awesome pictures of the street paintings which keep changing after a few months, but never fail to inspire the viewer.

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Rooftop At Rio Maravilha

Rio Maravilha - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Make sure to reach this place in time to view the spectacular sunset, to be seen with your eyes, and photographed. The rooftop gives the impeccable view of the city’s famous river, Tejo and Lisbon’s Golden Gate bridge adds to the scenery. It’s a great place to see the sun go down with a drink in hand, and having someone photograph you in your candid moment.

Elavador Da Gloria

Elavador Da Gloria - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

It is a typical Lisbon elevator going up and down a street full of graffiti making it a street with a perfect opportunity for a picture. You can either ride it or simply pose by it when it stops, or you can walk down the steep slope capturing the graffiti and hoping to get the elevator in your picture while doing do.

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Fronteira Palace – Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Fronteira Palace - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

A very underrated place in Lisbon, with not much tourist crowd hence making it an ideal place for a photograph. The specialty of the Fronteira Palace is that it features the Portuguese architecture is its true sense with the blue and white tiles adorning the palace. The decoration of this palace is sure to bring out the history of Lisbon when captured with the pool of water within the palace, thus enhancing its beauty and giving you a perfect shot.

The Belem Tower

The Belem Tower - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

The most famous attraction of Lisbon and also one which is always crowded thus making it the best picture spot but at the same time the most difficult to capture without anyone in the background. The tower is partly in water and has a bridge which leads you to the tower in the water, capturing the bridge, the river and the Tower of Belem in the same picture would be the cherry on the cake. It is bound to make your Instagram flood with comments and likes and get recognized like never before.

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Cemiterio Dos Prazeres

Cemiterio Dos Prazeres - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Only in a place like Lisbon can a cemetery be a place to get aesthetic photos and not considered spooky or haunted. The path is lined with trees and plants. The path to the cemetery is very serene and peaceful and photography is allowed here but is prohibited in the places where the gravestones are lined with epitaphs on them. it is necessary to show some respect and not take obnoxious selfies, harmless pictures of the surroundings and the layouts are very Instragammable and acceptable. The preferable time to visit would be in the morning hours without making a lot of commotion.

Initiation Well, Quinta Da Regaleira

Quinta Da Regaleira - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Like the Sinatra Palace, this place also draws a lot of crowds and one needs to be patient while waiting for the right moment to take the photograph. This is a historical well, unlike any other well it is wide and deep with a huge staircase running up and down the well. When taking a picture that includes someone, make sure that person is wearing bright and easily visible colored clothes, this will help add perspective and color to the photograph. The well is made with grey and black stone, so a bomb of color would suit the picture very well.

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Arch Corridor – Praça do Comércio Square

– One Of The Best Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Around three of the outskirts of the Praça do Comércio Square, you’ll find beautiful arched corridors. These are perfect for photography and for those with an admiration for architecture. Head here in the morning on a sunny day and you may get beautiful light flowing into them.

The Rossio

The Rossio - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Throughout Lisbon, you will get to see cobbled streets with graffiti and beautifully decorated homes by the side. The best place to see this style of the city would be at the Rossio, in king Pedro IV square. The pictures can be clicked either of the cobbled squares or can be also combined with the water fountains to enhance the vibe of the photograph.

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Lisbon Cathedral

– One Of The Best Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Lisbon Cathedral - Top 13 Instagram Spots In Lisbon

Lisbon Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Lisbon making it very quaint and charming. The exterior of the church is beautiful and serves as an amazing backdrop. The interior of the church is as vintage and elementary as it can get. The interiors are comparatively less lit and hence difficult to capture good pictures. But outside the church in the morning hours, one can get fabulous pictures.

Lisbon in its entirety is a beguiling city with a picture-perfect backdrop. All the photo spots are not very far from each other, and this is a convenient expedition. You can click the never-ending graffiti, mystical sunsets and sunrise, elegant churches and cathedral, alluring Palaces and gardens, and the exquisite elevator trains running on cobbled streets of the city. Lisbon undoubtedly has everything a photographer is looking to capture in his frames with an individualistic perspective to it, making one’s Instagram feed super engaging!

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