Top 12 Indian Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2018

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    India is a fascinating country to visit with the rich culture to majestic temples. You does not enjoy visiting new places, tasting different food, meeting people around the globe? Well, living such a life is just like living in an alternate world. Let’s learn about India’s top travel bloggers and the various travel hacks they know that will definitely help you out next time when you are planning to visit a place. These amazing Indian travel bloggers are an example for everyone that nothing can stop anyone from exploring different places in the vast world. These bloggers inspire everyone to travel and seek adventure and also shares knowledge of different places. Here is a list of our top Indian travel bloggers.

    Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star)

    Shivya Nath The Shooting Star

    Shivya Nath is one of the most popular Indian bloggers and the one who quit her corporate job to travel the world. she loves to seek adventures and lives a nomadic life. She loves exploring different colors and cultures the world offers. Her blog, the shooting star, is home to all of her travels and inspires everyone to discover the world. the blog contains her travel stories, which is truly inspiring. Shivya Nath has traveled around 30 countries. Shivya Nath is from Dehradun and a protective Indian family. In 2014, she was featured on BBC travel. She likes to go slow and get under the skin of a place and experience the local life of a place. Her travels are more impulsive and chaotic.

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    Lakshmi Sharath (Lakshmi Sharath)

    Lakshmi Sharath

    Lakshmi Sharath is an inspiration to all the travelers. Her journey started with as a media professional. Apart from being a media professional, she was also a traveler and a travel writer. She likes to share her traveling experiences with her blog, ‘A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker’. You can find her interesting and amazing experiences on her blog. Lakshmi Sharath is a storyteller, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content specialist, media professional and a photographer. She worked for at least 15 years behind a desk and decided to travel the world. Till now she has visited 25 countries and prefers to travel on weekdays and offseason.

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    Ankita Sinha (Anki On The Move)

    Ankita Sinha AnkiOnTheMove

    Ankita Sinha also known by the name of Anki is an engineer. For about 5 years she worked in the corporate world and by the end of 2011, she decided to start her blog and vlog on travel and adventure. She decided to quit her job and follow her dream. Soon she started working as a marketing professional for Indus outback ventures and sky riders to cope up with her financial crises. Her important tool to boom her travel blogger’s work was the social media and the blog. She is in travel blogging from past 4 years.

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    Kritika Khurana (That Boho Girl)

    Kritika Khurana That Boho Girl

    Her blog ‘that boho girl’, is quite famous for its fashion, and lifestyle blog. She has the massive fan following over her social media accounts. Kritika Khurana is a fashion graduate and is a fashion designer. Apart from being a fashion designer, she has an amazing blog. Kritika Khurana has always been an introvert but has an eye for fashion. Her personal style statement is Bohemian Chic, comfortable, free-spirited and versatile. Her journey started when she started posting her personal style, adventures and places on Instagram. She wanted to share her travel stories with people around the world with which she came up with the idea of blogging.

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    Riaan George (Urban Eye)

    Riaan George Urban Eye

    The urban eye is a stylish virtual magazine for everyone. Here, you can everything from latest designer collections to the boutique hotels. You can find exclusive interviews with the world’s leading chefs over here. Riaan George is widely known for his luxury writing, who has established himself as an authority on all luxury things, food, and style. His columns feature different influencers and specialists. Riaan George has a veritable style guide which features the coolest and trendiest updates on the web.

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    Usaamah Siddique (The Dapper Label)

    Usaamah Siddiqui The Dapper Label

    He is the founder and face of the menswear blog and bespoke label. His blog ‘the dapper label’ features all things from fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Usaamah Siddique has a passionate eye for the subtleties of style. He started with his blog back in 2013 after working closely with a celebrity stylist. Usaamah Siddique is an ardent lover of design, detail, and photography. He has been featured as one of the best menswear bloggers in the country by media houses like GQ, Buzzfeed, MensXp and many more.

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    Akanksha Redhu (Akanksha Redhu)

    Akanksha Redhu

    Akanksha Redhu is a fashion and a lifestyle blogger. She started with her blog back in 2010 with her inspirations and daydreams. She writes about fashion and beauty to food and much more. You will find a lot of posts on Indian fashion weeks, reviews of the collection, outfit posts, unique products, jewelry and accessories with other related events. Apart from writing about fashion and beauty, she is also a travel blogger. She writes about the places she has been to and places she wish to go on and her vacations.

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    Vandana Yadav (The Glowing Edge)

    Vandana Yadav The Style Edge

    Vandana Yadav loves to write about her travel experiences. It makes her build confidence in herself and also makes her a better writer. Her blog ‘the glowing edge’ provides posts related to her travel experiences. Vandana recently started with her amazing blog but before that, she tried her hands on a lot of things but did not enjoy it. She enjoys writing and sharing her experiences with the world. Her perspective of writing is to provide people with planning their trips more enthusiastically.

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    Stephanie Timmins (Feisty Fox Diaries)

    Stephanie Timmins Feisty Fox Diaries

    Stephanie is a fashion, lifestyle, beauty and a travel blogger. Her blog ‘Feisty fox diaries’ contains a lot of posts related to her travel experiences and fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Stephanie is an Indian with vast global exposure and outlook. She lives in Mumbai but earlier she resided in London. She has worked for Hindustan lever’s beautiful channel and is an entrepreneur with her own online store of accessories and clothing. She started with her blog in 2013 and has managed to bag several prominent brands and designers. Stephanie has been voted as the best fashion blogger in India by Reliance trends and Femina magazine in 2015.

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    Shalini Chopra (Stylish By Nature)

    Shalini Chopra Stylish By Nature

    Shalini Chopra is a fashion and luxury lifestyle blogger from Bangalore. Through her blog, Shalini showcases all the beautiful, trendy and stylish aspects of life. Her blog ‘stylish by nature’ is Indian fashion and luxury lifestyle blog. Shalini has been ranked as top Indian fashion and travel blogger in 2014, 2015 and 2016. She has also received various national and international awards for her blog.

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    Sonam Lakhani (My Haute Life)

    Sonam Lakhani My Haute Life

    Sonam’s love for fashion, lifestyle and traveling are all represented through her blog ‘My Haute Life’. She started her career in jewelry designing, gemology, and diamond grading, but by heart, she was always a fashion enthusiast and a traveler. After realizing her interests, she started with her own clothing brand and started with her own blog. Sonam loves to explore unique places and beautiful towns. She has traveled to various places in the world including Igloo in Finland, New Zealand, Bora Bora and much more.

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    Shereen Sikka (Love And Other Bugs)

    Shereen Sikka Love And Other Bugs

    Her blog ‘love and other bugs’ is a high fashion platform for brands to travel stories. Shereen is a former student of fashion design and marketing from London college of fashion. She has had several years of styling experience with the celebrities. Shereen loves to travel a lot and is very much obsessed with it. She loves to travel and get to go all over India and the world. Recently, She visited Pushkar and stayed in the beautiful resort for 3 days. Her experience during the stay was amazing. Shereen has a divinely conferred power and talent in her which makes her totally different and worth following.

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