The Ultimate Match Viewing Experience At PCA IS Bindra Stadium Mohali With KXIP

The Ultimate Match Viewing Experience At PCA IS Bindra Stadium Mohali With DNA Networks
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IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. It has been eleven years since the Indian Premier League kick-started. During the time IPL has managed to bring together a cricketing spectacle like no other. In the last 11 seasons, there has been an abundance of unforgettable moments where records were broken and history was made. The Indian Premier League commences its twelfth season beginning from March 23. This month, on 3rd May, I was at PCA IS Bindra Stadium to witness the ultimate match viewing experience. The match was between Kings XI Punjab & Kolkata Knight Riders.

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The Ultimate Match Viewing Experience At PCA IS Bindra Stadium Mohali With DNA NetworksThe Punjab Cricket Association Inderjit Singh Bindra Stadium is cricket ground located in Mohali, Chandigarh also known as Mohali Stadium. The PCA IS Bindra Stadium is one of the great stadiums in India. The stadium is home to the Kings XI Punjab team. When KXIP plays, there’s a sea of Red that fills the stadium. I have been to the PCA IS Bindra Stadium on multiple occasions to support Kings XI Punjab during IPL and each time it amazes me even more.

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The match was to begin at 08:00 PM. I was reached there at around 06:30 PM, The stadium was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Twenty-Six Thousand and Five Hundred Ninety (26590) people shouting, cheering at each ball, each run. The number seems to appear too much when handling crowds but I faced no problem in my entry, There was police everywhere to handle the crowd.

Talking about the viewing experience, i was at the North VIP Block 2. One of the best stands in PCA IS Bindra Mohali to watch the match. I have had access to all Stands & Pavillions. The energy in the stadium was insane. The Chants, The Drums, The Flags! The stadium cheer and music won’t fail to give you goosebumps! When the whole stadium stands and roars for a favorite team or player, that’s the best feeling ever.

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All thanks to DNA Networks, The Official Event Management Partner for KXIP. It was such an Ultimate Match Viewing Experience. Can’t wait for another such experience soon.

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