Nanu Oya To Haputale Train Ride: One Of The Most Astonishing Train Rides In The World
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With the train whistle, we set onto what we thought would be an ordinary inter-district train ride, but it totally changed that mindset as we progressed into the deeper valleys, overlooking the green and fresh plantations. Giving this an absolute Bollywood feel was the cool and pleasant weather with winds blowing our hair but scenery blowing our minds.

Srilanka Train Ride

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The train ride from Nanu Oya to Haputale was easily the most astonishing train ride I have ever been on. with every curve in the path, the intensity, color, and variety of the green color of the plantations would change. That brought immense happiness and peace to the soul. It made me realize that the world is far more beautiful than we actually perceive it to be and there is a world far more superior to the virtual world of gadgets and electronics.

The scenery gives you an insight into the life of the people of Sri Lanka. The workers plucking tea leaves from the estates waved to us and gave us their million-dollar smiles, that scene filled my heart and I don’t think one could experience such a heartwarming feeling in a bullet train of Japan or one of the finest trains in Europe. Every country is uniquely special in their culture and every inch of Sri Lanka speaks out its diversity and culture.

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From Nanu Oya to Haputale, the route takes about one and a half-hour. These trains could be called “leisure trains” because they run at a very slow speed. The very purpose of these trains is that the passengers are able to breathe and enjoy every bit of it. It is also a very economical way of traveling in Sri Lanka.

Every Station in between is not very fancy, except for a few benches and a help desk. The people are very approachable and helpful which made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable.

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Every wonderful thing does come to an end, and so did our train journey. We wished it could have lasted for a longer time. Our eyes are blessed with the magnificence of the valleys, waterfalls, rice fields and never-ending mountain ranges. We really miss seeing the placid green trails and the glowing green colors everywhere which filled our hearts and minds with euphoria. We are forever in debt to the beauty of this country for making us experience so many feelings all at once. It is rightly known as the “pearl of the Indian ocean”.

I was invited by Srilanka Tourism Promotion Bureau on a FAM Trip but as always, all opinions are my own.

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