MakeMyTrip Launches A Smart Multi-City Travel Solution

MakeMyTrip Launches A Smart Multi-City Travel Solution
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MakeMyTrip Launches a Smart Multi-City Travel Solution

A simple ticket booking option on MMT that will make building itineraries a breeze

MakeMyTrip launches a smart solution for the Do-It-Yourself new age traveler: Multi-City Travel. This solution works best for travelers who regretted missing out a great location en route to their destination because they couldn’t draw up multiple flight itineraries. This feature will help travelers build multi-city itineraries – picking best time and price options in a matter of few taps on the app.

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Sanjay Mohan, CTO, MakeMyTrip said – At MakeMyTrip, we see people are experimenting more with their travel choices than ever before. With the launch of Smart Multi-City Travel Solution, we aim to ease the way people travel to multiple cities at once and are willing to combine different trips to explore and compare prices while taking multi-destination travel. We are witnessing multi-fold growth in bookings every month for domestic as well as international destinations.”

Here’s why multi-city travel on MakeMyTrip is a great idea.

Explore More For A Little Extra Cost

By booking a multi-city travel on MakeMyTrip, a customer can add explore more places by adding destinations to their travel itinerary by comparing flight schedules and costs. Say if someone is traveling from New Delhi to Auckland, New Zealand. A quick search for a New Delhi to Auckland flight will tell them that most flights go through Singapore and have long layovers there. If Singapore has been on their travel bucket list too, they can use the time between flights to explore Singapore by traveling on a multi-city ticket. A New Delhi to Singapore flight that lands at Changi International Airport at 9 am and a Singapore-Auckland flight that takes off at 11.50 pm gives them a day-long window to explore Singapore and costs approximately INR 70,000. On the other hand, a one-way Delhi to Auckland ticket will cost them around INR 40,000 and involve two stops and more than 20 hours of travel time. If they plan a separate trip to Singapore, the cost of travel will exceed the difference in prices for one-way and multi-city tickets.

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Fuse Two Trips In One  

Multi-city travel is also a great way to combine two different trips into one. For instance, if a customer has a wedding to attend in Kolkata and is also planning a trip to Andaman, they could book a multi-city ticket instead of a hopping flight. Since most flights to Andaman are routed via Kolkata or Chennai, it is the ideal way to fuse two trips into one. A multi-city ticket on this route will cost them around INR 11,000 and give them an opportunity to split their travel over two days whereas as a direct flight with a layover in Kolkata will cost around INR 9,500.

Great Way To Travel With Kids

Anyone who has been on long flights with babies, toddlers or young kids knows what a nightmare it can be. A frequent flyer and mother to a super-energetic four-year-old, Swati, swears by multi-city travels to take some edge off the madness. “My husband works in the US and I here in India, so my lifestyle involves a lot of travel back and forth, mostly alone. Enduring the long flights with my kid in tow was taking a toll on me and that’s when I tried a multi-city travel to explore my options and haven’t looked back since. The break between flights and the freedom to venture out helps us both calm our nerves, making our flying experience a smoother ride than before.”

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Perfect For Business Travels

For travelers who travel for business often, be it within the country or overseas, a multi-city itinerary can help them get more done on a single trip. Say if someone is traveling to London for a business conference and also have some clients to meet in Zurich, Frankfurt or Dubai, they could easily add as many stops in their multi-city travel itinerary and cover them all in a single trip.

Makes Travelling Less Stressful

Most international destinations entail painfully long flights. The idea of spending an entire day in aircraft and airport lounges can be extremely stressful and physically taxing, especially if one is a beginner. Planning a multi-city trip not only helps travelers relax but also stirs in an extra element of excitement, since they get to explore new destinations on the go.

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