8 Best Things To Do In Salzburg, Austria

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Salzburg is an Austrian city on the border of Germany with a view of the Eastern Alps. Salzburg means ‘Salt Castle’ referring to the massive fortress and white gold from mountains in the South. Here is a list of the 8 best things to do in Salzburg.

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1. Salzburg Fortress

Salzburg Fortress

Salzburg Fortress or Hohensalzburg Castle sits on top of Fertungsberg Hill. It has a striking white exterior. It is the most preserved fortress in Central Europe. It has never been conquered. It once protected the city from invaders now contains several museums. It also has staterooms and the torture chamber.

2. Salzburg Cathedral (Dom)

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is an impressive 17th-century baroque cathedral. It is the biggest church in the old city of Salzburg.  It has been destroyed multiple times in fire yet rebuilt throughout history. It is crowned by a copper dome and twin spires. Bronze portals symbolize faith, hope, and charity.

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3. Schloss Hellbrunn

Schloss Hellbrunn

Schloss Hellbrunn is a 17th-century summer palace built by Austrian architect Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach for Prince-Archbishop Johann Ernst Von Thun. It has a magnificent garden and is an impressive castle. Garden houses beautiful fountains.

4. Saint Peter’s Abbey

Saint Peter's Abbey

St. Peter’s Abbey is the oldest quarter of Salzburg. St. Peter is the oldest monastery in the German-speaking world. The church of St. Peter’s Abbey is high Romanesque and dates back to the monastery’s foundation. The main name of Church contains the Rupert Altar with ‘ Felsengrab'(rock tomb). St. Peter is home to the oldest library of Austria made in the 8th Century. It has more than 100,000 volumes.

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5. Getreidegasse Lane

Getreidegasse Lane

Getreidegasse Lane near the cathedral is the busiest lane of Salzburg. It is a major road since Roman times. It was the best neighborhood in Salzburg as here lived doctors, breweries, rich merchants and wealthy craftsmen. It is especially thronged during the Salzburg Festival. It is the most exclusive shopping lane in Salzburg.

6. Mozart Birthplace

Mozart Birthplace

Mozart Birthplace is now a museum that hosts precious relics such as violin played in childhood by Mozart. It is the most popular museum in Salzburg. In 1756 Mozart was born here and now it is a must-visit for all Mozart lovers. The place is famous as ‘Hagenauerhaus‘.

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7. Mönchsberg 


Mönchsberg is a hill with only a five-minute climb. The views from the top are awe-inspiring. The hill can be reached from the Old Town. It provides the view over the rooftops of Salzburg and the beginning of the beautiful Austrian Alps. One can also take an hour-long stroll to the other end of Mönchsberg towards the Augustiner Brewery.

8. Untersberg


Untersberg is the mountain beside Salzburg which has a cable car station in the valley. The view from the top will leave you awestruck. It provides a panoramic view of Alps, Bavaria, Salzburg, and the lakes in the Salzkammergut National Park.

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