8 Best Things To Do In Sabah, Malaysia

Things to do in sabah
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Sabah is a state of Malaysia located on Borneo. It is a treasure with untouched coral reefs, wild abundance and lots of adventure activities like mountain climbing, trekking in a beautiful basin and scuba diving. Sabah has different places to visit which offers various adventure sports. Here is a list of top 8 things to do in Sabah.

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1. Mount Kinabalu 

Mount Kinabalu Sabah

Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in Malaysia. It is also present on the state flag of Sabah. Hiking this cliff should be the first thing to be done for all those traveling to Sabah. It is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. A summit climbing permit is granted to climbers who stay at Mountain Huts.

2. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre 

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

A Sepilok orangutan rehabilitation center is located about 25 kilometers West of Sandakan in Sabah. It is a rehabilitation project for rescued orphaned baby orangutans from logging sites, plantations, illegal hunting. They are released in Wild as soon as they get ready. It also has a nursery area where young orangutans learn to play on a large climbing frame.

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3. Sipadan National Park

Sipadan National Park

Sipadan National Park is a paradise for scuba divers. It is renowned for its untouched, colorful colors still in their natural state. It is a mixture of beautiful sea plants and animals with radiant colors. These are to be captured in one’s heart and camera. It has reef sharks, barracuda schools, bumphead, parrotfish, turtles, angelfishes, etc.

4. Manukan Island

Manukan Island

Manukan Island is the most frequently visited island in Sabah by both domestic and international tourists. It has a long stretch of white Sandy Beach with calm and shallow water hence suitable for even non-swimmers. It has the most developed facilities as compared with other Sabah beaches. It is an excellent snorkeling site.

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5. Maliau Basin

Maliau Basin

Maliau Basin Conservation Area is in Tongod district of Sabah. It is one of Malaysia’s finest remaining wilderness areas. It has 390km of pristine forest, a self-contained ecosystem. It is a huge catchment drained by Maliau River. It is an ideal place for research and environmental education. It is perfect for jungle watching, nature photography, waterfall swimmer and to experience the unspoiled wilderness.

6. Mari Mari Cultural Village

Mari Mari Cultural Village

The Mari Mari Cultural Village is situated amidst a remote forest setting in Kionsm, Inanam; away from the hustle-bustle of the city. In this village, there are traditional names of Sabahan, ethnic communities like Bajau, Lundayeh, Murut, Rungus, and Dusan. Utilize the chance to see blowpipe making, fire initiating using bamboo, tattoo making demonstration, etc. It is a cultural excursion of a lifetime. One can savor traditional delicacies also.

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7. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park 

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park is a marine park with a perfect place to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and light jungle treks. It is made of five small Islands- Gaya, Manukan, Spi, Sulug and Mamutik. It has the best beaches and the best corals are found near Gaya Island. It has a yearly footfall of around 300,000 tourists. They have great dive sites.

8. Danum Valley Conservation Area

Danum Valley Conservation Area

Danum Valley conservation area is dominated by dipterocarp trees, with the canopy reaching a height of over 70 meters. It has the rare Wallace Flying Frog, soft-shelled turtles, skinks, vipers and more than 40 species of fishes and butterflies. It accommodates more than 120 species of mammals. It has the Bornean pygmy elephant, banteng, Malayan sun bear, clouded leopard, bearded pig.

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