5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life
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Thailand is the perfect international tourist destination for holidays and vacations. This southeast Asian country is famous for its beaches, opulent royal palaces, wildlife, ancient and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. The historic temples, beautiful landscapes across the beaches, and the friendly local people all will welcome you in their land with an open arm.

Thailand has very good weather throughout the 365 days of the year, which means that you can travel and enjoy every single in the country. Though the country has been modernized with urban décor, one can also find here the ancient culture somehow intertwined and its history can also be seen in Thailand’s many art forms, like traditional dancing or Thai puppetry performances. The predominant religion of the people of Thailand is Buddhism. Here, in this article, you will come to know the five top most reasons to visit Thailand, once in your lifetime.

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Adventure Travel

Thailand will provide you with a lot of option and opportunities for exploration, excitement, and exploits. Here, one can do a lot of adventurous activities which will give you immense joy and excitement. One can visit the Elephant nature park and participate in becoming volunteers at the sanctuary to realize the harm caused to the elephant by the tourism industry and can contribute towards protecting and caring for these gentle giants.

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

One can find here over 40,000 Buddhist temples in the country, though the most unique and abundant are in the Bangkok, the country capital with ach temple reflecting the different dynasties era’s architectural and construction style. There are also many trails to trek, waves to be surfed, jungles to be ziplined through and many more activities to do in the country.

Diving And Beaches

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

Thailand provides you with some of the best places to dive in Thailand such as Koh Tao, the Surin Islands, Koh Chang, and Chumpon. The country has a 1500 miles long coastline and many of these will serve as the best dive sites in the world. The country will provide you with a handful of prime spots to explore under the sea. Divers can guaranteed spot many sea turtles in the sea. Among the coastline, there is a good share of beaches which is been overrun with sun soaking tourists, the number of beautiful and incredible stretches of sand that remain quiet, secluded and stuning. Some of the best beaches in the country include Freedom Beach in Phuket and Sunset  Beach on the island of Koh Kradan.

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Delicious Food

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

Thai food is very delicious and the cuisine keeps on changing with the location in the country. From San Francisco to Sukhothai, its profusion of exotic flavors and fragrances make it among the most coveted of international cuisines. Not only a variety of Thai food, but also diverse categories of restaurants Thailand has to offer, with different styles, layouts, and locations.

Low Cost Travel

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

Thailand is a country where you have to spend less on exploration, stay, and food. Once you reached the country, then it will cost very less amount to explore the country. Here, one can also enjoy their night in the discos, night clubs, and bars and enjoy the renowned nightlife in any of the cities in Thailand. The travel in the Thailand cities is very cheap and different modes of transportation are readily available in the country. Budget-friendly airlines such as Nok Air and AirAsia will always provide you with some type of sale on flights, with direct flights available to international and domestic airports in the cities of the country. The buses and trains are also readily available in with an affordable fare in both the rural as well as the biggest tourist destination in the country.

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Friendly People

5 Reasons To Visit Thailand Once In Your Life

Thailand is most commonly known as the “Land of Smiles” by the people. The people of Thailand are very friendly, open and kind-hearted to the foreign visitors and welcomes with a great heart and open arm in their country. Thai people are traditionally very friendly. The Thai greeting, the Wai, in which they bow with their hands together almost as if they are in prayer. The country will serves with an overall friendly and chilled vibe with a national motto like Mai pen rai.

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