14 Best Things To Do In Esbjerg, Denmark

Best Things To Do In Esbjerg
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Esbjerg is the ideal starting point for experiencing unique nature and exciting sights. It is located next to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea National Park and is being a part of Legoland Billund Resort. It is a seaport town and seat of Esbjerg Municipality on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in southwest Denmark. In this article, we’ll share the best things to do in Esbjerg.

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1) ARoS Art Museum

ARoS Art Museum

ARoS Art Museum is built on the concept of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and have the exhibition concept “The 9 Spaces” in the basement level of the museum with works by Bill Viola, James Turrell, Tony Oursler, and Pipilotti Rist. Here, one can move around in a 150 meter long, circular panoramic path with 360-degree views of the surrounding city. And, here the rainbow Manorama also ensures full accessibility for those with impaired walking.

2) Fano Island 

Fano Island Esbjerg

Fano island is the extremely popular island which is a short 12-minute ferry ride from Esbjerg. This 16 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide unspoiled, tranquil island is an excellent place for a day trip. The magnificent beaches, cycling paths, nature walks and many terrific places to eat at this island has acted as a magnet for the tourists and Danes. This island is famous for its remarkable tidal fluctuation. When the tide is out, you can quite literally walk for several kilometers from the shoreline before reaching the water.

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3) Wadden Sea National Park 

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is the newest and largest national park in Denmark stretches over four communes and incorporate pristine beaches, wetlands, and nature reserves. More than ten million migratory birds use the coastline as a stopover. The extensive coastline also hosts Denmark’s largest population of spotted seals. The summer season is the best time to see all these gentle creatures.

4) Ribe’s Vikings Museum

Ribe's Vikings Museum

Ribe’s Vikings Museum is a southerly 30-minute drive from Esbjerg which is a must see for all fans of ancient Nordic times. The center was established in 1992 to celebrate the fact. Here, one can experience the true taste of life in the Viking Age and you will find the authentic reconstructions of Viking settlements. Visitors also flock here from across the world for archery, coin minting, falconry.

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5) Man Meets The Sea 

Man Meets The Sea

This nine-meter-high sculpture “Man Meets The Sea” is one of Esbjerg’s prime tourist attractions and is the Esbjerg’s unmistakable landmark which imposingly overlooks both the Wadden Sea and North Seas. This sculpture was designed by Svend Wiig Hansen and unveiled in 1995 to celebrate Esbjerg’s 100th anniversary. It is designed to portray man meeting with nature and has something of a mystical aura reminiscent of Ancient Egypt’s sphinxes.

6) Esbjerg Water Tower And Art Gallery 

Esbjerg Water Tower

Esbjerg Water Tower is one of the town landmark structures in Esbjerg Municipal Park near the extensive harbor. The Art Gallery is at Havnegade 20 is a collection of 20th-century Danish paintings and scripture. Here, the place features the work by Harald Giersing, Wilhelm Lundstrom, Richard Mortensen, the Jorgen Brothers, and Arne Haugen Sorensen. It is both a creative space for established artists and a platform for the young art scene.

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7) Esbjerg Museum (West Jutland Amber Exhibition) 

Esbjerg Museum

This museum details Esbjerg’s history and hosts a fascinating amber exhibition. The Amber known a “Danish Gold” has long fascinating humankind and the west coast of Jutland is famous for large discoveries of precious fossilized resin. Here, one can discover the story of Esbjerg through antiquity and city exhibition with various recreated scenes from both the Iron and Viking Age.

8) Marbaek Nature Park

Marbaek Nature Park

Located 12 meters northwest of Esbjerg, the Marbaek Nature Park covers 1300 hectares and borders Ho Bay and Varde Stream. This place offers you a range of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, and horse riding and also has some wonderful beaches with pristine sand dunes and has a profusion of unique bird life. The park also offers a restaurant and a mini-golf.

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9) Henne Strand 

Henne Strand

The wonderful white beaches of Henne Strand is located at a 40-kilometer drive to the north of Esbjerg is famous for glorious sand and long dunes. This is a popular Danish tourist town with amenities like the indoor water park, kite-surfing, beach games, restaurants, and a wealth of local arts and crafts to browse.

10) Mando Island 

Mando Island

This is a little marsh island in Wadden Sea National Park lies about 30 kilometers from Esbjerg is rich in birdlife and is accessible at low tide from Vester Vedsted in a bus drawn by a tractor. Here, at Mando island one can exhibit on nature conservancy and ornithology as well as a mud-flats exhibition in the Mando-Centre. Several species such as terns, sandpipers, waders, and ducks such as eiders breed here.

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11) Island Of Als

island of Als

The fertile island of Als is located between the Jutland Peninsula and the larger island of Funen. The place features the sparkling bays beckon and the beautiful beaches. The place includes Sonderborg Castle with a museum featuring region’s history, pretty harbor, and cafes and restaurants. The popular activities you can do here is sightseeing, fishing, swimming, and sailing.

12) Limfjord


The place is a shallow stretch of water with beautiful scenery and calm waters offer ideal conditions for sailing and many of the region’s towns beckon with pretty harbors and ample mooring. On the north side of the canal lies the popular holiday area around Agger and Vestervig.

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13) Street Food Esbjerg

Street Food Esbjerg

Street Food Esbjerg is a restaurant with food from all over the world with an ongoing buzz of life, positive energy, and a wonderful atmosphere. Here, you can experience the entire world in one place.

14) BROEN Shopping

Broen Shopping

This place located in the heart of Esbjerg is the largest shopping center on the West Coast with 60 shops and over 700 parking spaces. BROEN Shopping provides you with a broad and varied selection of shops for your fashion, the home, electronics, sports & pleasure along with the everyday commodities or a gastronomic time-out.

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