13 Best Things To Do In Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Things To Do In Tashkent
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Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. It was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1966. But the entire city was rebuilt and restored. There is a mishmash of restored 12th Century mosques and classical Russian architecture alongside buildings and statues. It has imposing Soviet Architecture, marveling gorgeous mosques and museums. Here is a list of 13 best things to do in Tashkent.

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1. Khast Imam

Khast Imam - Tashkent

Khast Imam or Hast Imam Square is a  religious center of Tashkent. It has architectural monuments that include madrasah of Barak Khan, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, Mausoleum of Hazrati Imam. It also has a rich library of oriental manuscripts. The world famous Quran of Caliph Uthman-Ottoman is preserved here. Its entrance area is decorated with splendid work of wood carvers.

2. Shop At Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar is the traditional bazaar located in the center of the Old Town of Tashkent. It was a place where merchants, traders, and common people gather to discuss, eat and leisure. It has domed large premises. It is a three storey building with an elevator system. There are fresh fruits, amber colored dried fruits, lepeshka, meat, kazy, and other things.

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3. Minor Mosque

Minor Mosque

Minor Mosque is located in the new part of the city and open in 2014. It is different from old brick mosques as it has white marble finish. It has a turquoise dome which seems to vanish in the sky. It has open front part with terraces and big round hall with the gold plated mihrab. It is located on the embankment of the Ankhor Channel and surrounded by a landscaped area.

4. State Museum Of History Of Uzbekistan

State Museum Of History Of Uzbekistan

State Museum of history of Uzbekistan is one of the oldest museums of Central Asia and founded 136 years ago. It has 250,000 exhibits including 60,000 archaeological, over 80,000 numismatic and 16,000 ethnographical items that reflect Uzbek History. There are 4 floors in the museum. There is a gift shop under the museum of Uzbek applied arts, embroidery, carpets, miniatures and ceramics.

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5. Photo Exhibition At Tashkent House Of Photography

The House Of Photography

Tashkent House of Photography is located near the heart of the capital and the most popular gallery in the city. The gallery exhibits the most original and challenging photos, beginning from the first photo taken in 1879. For 130 years Uzbek photographers captured everyday life of Uzbekistan and captured emotions.

6. Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Virgin

Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Virgin

The Dormition Cathedral is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the diocese of Tashkent. It was built in 1871, enlarged in 1990 and bell tower was rebuilt in 2011. The interior of the church is decorated with a fresco depicting a community of Saints, angels and Archangels as well as with many icons in gold plated frames.

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7. Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan

Hotel Uzbekistan is Tashkent’s best value top end hotel. It is only 100 meters from Amir Temur Square. It combines the charm of history with modernity. It is a classic example of Soviet 1970’s Modernist Architectural Style. It is one of the most reputable buildings in Tashkent. The architecture of the Hotel combines tradition and modernity of European and Oriental Styles.

8. Central Asian Plov Centre

Central Asian Plov Center

Plov or Pilaf is native to Central Asia. To sample Pilaf styles from various regions of Uzbekistan one must head to the Celebration of Plov that is the Central Asian Plov Centre. It is crowded by locals equally as by the tourists. There are steaming kazans (large plov cauldrons) and order in the group. It has authentic Uzbek Plov Taste and experience of a lifetime.

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9. Kukeldash Madrasah

Kukeldash Madrasah is close to Su Bazaar in the historic part of Tashkent. It was built in 1570 as a part of the city’s main square. In the 18th Century, the madrasa arranged caravansary carriageways for merchants. In the 19th Century, it served as a fortress of Kokand Khan. Till 1865 it served as a place of public execution.

10. Tashkent Botanical Garden

Tashkent Botanical Garden

Tashkent Botanical Garden is a beautiful place with a natural zone. In the last fifty year, thousands of plants from all over the world have been collected here. There are over 4500 sorts of trees, flowers, and other plants. It has flora of Central Asia, Eastern Asia, North America, and Europe. It has a small pond with delicate pink lotus. It has greenhouses, hothouses and special nursery for medicinal herbs.

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11. Amir Timur Square

Amir Timur Square

Amir Timur was the commander and founder of a huge medieval empire. The square represents a small park in the center of the city, surrounded by buildings of women and men’s gymnasium, school, and state banks. There is also a monument of Amir Timur, right in the center of the square. It has fountains and plantings. All the buildings around Amir Timur Square have historical importance.

12. Gulkam Canyon

Gulkam Canyon

Gulkam Canyon is a marvelous natural sight in the gorges of Chimgan Mount. It is a must visit place for mountain lovers. It can be done in 5-6 hours and hence only a day tour from Tashkent. At Pesochmiy pass one can watch a magnificent view of Chimgan Mountains. There is a small river between two cliffs. There is also a beautiful 10m waterfall in the way.

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13. Tashkent Chimes

Tashkent Chimes

Tashkent Chimes or Tashkent Clock Tower is a symbol of Tashkent. Every quarter of an hour, hour, half an hour bell beats the main clock of Tashkent. It has been ringing since 1947. It came from The Baltic Coast from Kaliningrad. It combines traditional oriental style minimalism. Bells here have a beautiful crimson ringing.

So, what are you waiting for? Do visit Tashkent and do these wonderful things and visit these marvelous places.

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