12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal

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“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all-natural scenery”. For those of us who agree with Ruskin Bond here, we can never get enough for the panorama that surrounds mountain beauty. Lush greenery, the calm and soothing breeze, the early morning sun, the glistening water bodies, the smell of the crisp chilly air; all beckon us to embrace them. If you are on the lookout of a destination that offers all this and more, its time you plan a vacation to Kalimpong. A small, sleepy town in the North East, this place is a paradise for people who want an escape from the city life and take refuge amidst nature. Well then, plan for a visit to Kalimpong and let us list 12 best things to do in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

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Deolo Hill

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Deolo Hill

Deolo Hill are located at an elevation of around 2000 meters and thus provides a bird’s eye view of the place and beyond. The range of the Himalayas and the mighty Kanchenjunga view takes one’s breath away. There are also strategic points to offer the best sunrise and sunset views.

Durpin Dara Hills

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Durpin Dara Hills

Atop the Durpin Dara Hills, one gets to witness the marvel of nature’s beauty at its best. The snow-clad Himalayan ranges, the Teesta River and its valleys, and a panoramic view of the town of Kalimpong will make you want to be there forever. Durpin Dora Hill also has a golf course and the Zang Dhok Palri Monastery.

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Morgan House

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Morgan House

Morgan House is a mansion built by Mrs. and Mr. Morgan in the 1930s. It is an archetypal example of colonial architecture in Kalimpong. Legends of it being haunted make visiting this house even more interesting. It has been converted into a lodge for tourists, so you can make Morgan House your home for your stay in Kalimpong.

Cactus Nursery

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Pine View Nursery

The Climate of Kalimpong is right for the cultivation of exotic beautiful flowers and cactus. It is actually the lad of the largest number of commercial flower nurseries. One of these is Pine View Nursery which is famous for rare species of Cactus. It’s worth a visit if you love plants and flowers.

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Teesta River Rafting

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Teesta River Rafting

For the adventurous side in you, Kalimpong throws in a challenge as it is one of the best choices for river rafting. Surrounded by mesmeric greenery, the roller coaster rapids on the Teesta river is going to be an amazing experience. The rafting trips in the Teesta river mostly starts at Melli Bridge and culminate at Geikhola in Kalimpong.

Trekking in Kalimpong

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Trekking

When in a mountainous region, the most attractive part is to go hiking and discovering the trails and adjoining areas. Kalimpong is a good place for Trekking which offers mild to medium challenges. Guide help is also available for those who wish to.

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St. Theresa Catholic Church

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / St. Theresa Catholic Church

The St. Theresa Catholic Church built in Tibetan Architectural design has walls that are enriched with paintings and inscriptions from the Bible. The doors have carvings which resemble tashi tagye – the 8 auspicious symbols of the Himalayan Buddhism. While one gets a spiritual serenity in the church, it also offers a scenic view of the mighty Himalayas.


12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Galingka

Visit north east is all about great views of the Himalayas. From almost all the tourist spots. One gets to see the Kanchenjunga peak which is the second-highest Himalayan peak. The British bungalow, Galingka offers a spectacular view of the peak and is thus a must-visit for all tourists.

Teesta Bazar

12 Best Things To Do In Kalimpong, West Bengal / Teesta Bazar

A vacation is incomplete if one doesn’t bring a home souvenir from the place. Teesta Bazar is a great place to shop all kinds of commodities ranging from handicraft’s and artifacts and variety of wares from China, Tibet, and Bhutan.

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Sericulture Research Institute

Sericulture Research Institute

Sericulture Research Institute is famous for its research in sericulture and is a place for breeding the silkworms. It works in unison with farmers in developing self-help groups. Cultivation and sale of different stages of silk production are also done here which is an experience and attraction by itself.

Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park

One of the richest biological zones in Eastern India, Neora Valley National Park is spread over an area of 88 sq km. It gets its name from the river Neora that flows through it. The park has an interesting mix of flora and fauna that includes bamboo, oak, red panda Bay Woodpecker and various rare species. A must visit because of its lush green valley, meandering streams, thick vegetation and rare species of plants and animals.

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Lepcha Museum

Lepcha Museum

Lepcha is a tribe of this area and the museum is an initiative to preserve their culture and values. It boasts of relies and objects of everyday use like articles of worship, musical instruments, handicraft items and more, all used by the Lepcha Community.

Kalimpong is a place totally worth visiting because of its breathtaking beauty and the plethora of activities it offers. Get yourself an absolutely amazing treat as you gift yourself a vacation to the incredible Kalimpong.

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