12 Best Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020

12 Best Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020
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The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is famous for its rich heritage, history, bridges, and canals. No doubt it has a big tourism industry. In this city, you will find a new thing to photograph at every corner. It is known as one of the most unique city destinations.

Below are 12 best things to do in Amsterdam.

1) Vondel Park

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Vondel Park

This 120 acres large Vondel Park is the best way to experience nature, peace, and relaxation. You can also go for a run in this park. It is more than 150 years old. It is home to some rare tree species, under which one can relax. Open-air concerts are held here in summer. The best time to visit is any time in the year.

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2) Rijks Museum

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Rijks Museum

Rijks Museum (which means the State Museum in English) is 200 years old. It is very beautiful and thus it is mostly during peak times in Amsterdam. You can and should buy tickets for this museum in advance. It is home to various antique items, paintings, and artifacts that depict Dutch culture. It is also home to the best collections from Dutch nationals.

3) Van Gogh Museum

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum is the very popular museum of Amsterdam that drives you through life and work of Vincent Van Gogh from birth to death. It was opened in 1993. It also gets pretty crowded due to its popularity and it is necessary to buy tickets in advance.

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4) Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience

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Even if you are in Amsterdam only for a weekend, this can be something cool to do in your visit. Heineken Experience is a special tourist attraction here. You cannot skip this if you are a huge fan of Beer. This visit must be done in an afternoon since you do get to do taste testing here!

5) Canal Tour

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Canal Tour

This is not for you if you get motion sick. But, otherwise, it is fun to ride around the city in the boat enjoying the beer with friends. It is pretty inexpensive too. Picturesque canals present a beautiful view that makes this a must thing to do here.

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6) Anne Frank Museum

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Anne Frank Museum

It is one of the must-visit places here. Visiting Anne Frank Museum is a very informative and humbling experience. It gives you an idea of life in World War Two. Most of the times it is very crowded, so you must get the ticket in advance.

7) Dam Square

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Dam Square

Dam Square is located at a center of Amsterdam. It is a very popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam. This spot is used with equal enthusiasm for carnivals and protests as well. Many famous hotels can be found around Dam Square. Many popular attractions like Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds wax museum, lots of restaurants, shops, and the new church are located nearby this spot.

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8) The Royal Palace of Amsterdam 

The Royal Palace Of Amsterdam

Located in Dam Square, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the only three palaces in Amsterdam. It was built in the 17th century as a city hall. It is a famous tourist destination. It is available for the visit anytime in the year. Ticket for the visit is 10 Euros and is open from 10 am morning to 5 pm evening. It is used for royal events too.

9) Take A Bike Tour

Bike Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its love for bikes. Riding bike along canals in Amsterdam is the fun thing to do. Bikes are also available on rent at various places here, so that you won’t have trouble finding the bike. You need to stick to paths while riding bikes. Try to follow other riders for a safe ride.

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10) Jordaan District

12 Things To Do In Amsterdam 2020 / Jordaan District

Jordaan district, which was the working-class district, is now a famous tourist attraction now. In 1970, community members turned it into a beautiful area it is today. Maze alike streets boast of coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique stores. A noorder market, a popular flea market on Monday mornings is a must visit.

11) Breda’s Begijnhof Museum

Begijnhof Museum

Breda’s Begijnhof Museum is a popular enclosed courtyard, dated back to 14th century. It is a very peaceful and quiet area. It was originally built for a nunnery. Actually, the area is still occupied by single women who prefer privacy and silent nature.

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12) The Tropen Museum

The Tropen Museum

The Tropen Museum is the museum of non-western cultures. It holds exhibitions of objects that tell stories of mankind. Past, present, and future of non-western cultures are depicted in this museum via themes like mourning, celebration, ornamentation, prayer and conflict.

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