11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey

Best Things To Do In Antalya
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We have often heard of glamourous resorts, but never of a “resort city.” Antalya is a Turkey-based resort city flanked by large hotels boarding the Mediterranean Sea and a yacht-filled harbor. A dream isn’t it? To vacation in a country which itself is so glamourous that you don’t need a 5-star hotel to experience luxury living. It is the 8 most populous city of Turkey and with a mix of great beaches and Turkish culture, is one of the best vacation destinations you will ever come across. Here’s a list of the 11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey.

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Visit – Duden Waterfalls

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Duden Waterfalls

Surrounded by mountain ranges on one side and the beautiful turquoise color of the Mediterranean Sea, these waterfalls plunge from a rocky cliff into the Mediterranean Sea, making it an absolute spectacle for the eyes. Apart from being a tourist attraction, Duden Waterfall is very strategically used for recycling water. Normally people spend about 20 mins to an hour mesmerized by the beauty of this waterfall. It gets its name from the Duden River which spills into the Antalya city cliff making it the lower Duden waterfall. You can swim around the waterfall observing the high cliffs and forested areas around. The upper part of the waterfall is a series of a cascade in a tranquil municipal park.

Visit – Kaleici And The Hadrian’s Gate

– One Of The Best Places To Visit In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Hadrian's Gate

Kaleici is a historical center of Antalya, it unique in its own way of being bound within walls and gives a perfect message about the old town of Antalya. Located in this part of Antalya is Hadrian’s gate, it was built to commemorate the visit of a Roman emperor, Hadrian. It is known as the entrance to the city of Kaleici, and the pillars on either side symbolize different periods of time in which they were constructed independently. The pillars are marked with stone inscriptions and give us an insight into the Turkish script and culture. A 10-minute walk from the pillar takes you to a lane of cafes and shops where you can enjoy Turkish delicacies and drinks and also buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

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Visit – Antalya Marina

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Antalya Marina

Unlike any other place in the world, the old city harbor is a splendid place-bound between cliffs and mountains and engulfed with yachts of different shapes and sizes. Some of these are private whereas some are open to the tourist at an additional cost. The yacht gives you a tour of the harbor and you witness pretty colors and flags on these mini boats. It is as pretty as something you will find on a postcard. If you enjoy the nightlife, you must make sure to take the boat ride at night to experience Antalya in a different light, followed by dinner at one of the fancy restaurants that line the harbor is a perfect end to your day.

Visit Sandland

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Sandland

Also known as the sand sculpture museum, it’s the only of its kind and a major tourist spot during the day as well as to witness the illuminated sand sculptures at night. It gives you a feeling as though you’re watching the Sphinx of Egypt, sometimes illuminated at night. There are over hundreds of sand sculptures and are very intricately done by special artists working solo or in teams. The legendary figures and heroes are revived with the magic of sand. You, visitors, can also take part in a workshop using kinetic sand in a large magic sandcastle. LED lightings to enhance the beauty of the sculptures, making them an extremely unique sight.

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Chill At The Konyaalti Beach

– One Of The Best Places To Visit In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is one of the two most famous beaches of turkey, the other one being Lara beach. It is located on the western coast of the city and stretches alongside the sea and is bound by cliffs and mountains. Numerous cafes and bars line the beach. All around the year the weather is windy and moderate and an ideal place for a sunbath in summer. They have public showers every 20 meters and rental electric bikes are available too. It’s a great picnic spot for family outings as well. The sand is white and the clear sea is a mixture of blue and green colors, taking you to a different world.

Swim Amongst Dolphins At Aqualand

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Antalya Aqualand

Located very close to Konyaalti beach, Antalya Aqualand Aquapark is a seasonal waterpark not only to entertain kids but also brings immense pleasure to adults. The Aqualand specializes in dolphin and seal shows as well. The main objective is not only to have fun but also to create awareness about the conservation and protection of these species. The guests get a chance to hug, touch and interact with the dolphins and seals. The swimming programs are very limited so one must make sure to book slots as soon as possible! You are sure to be marveled at the playfulness of these intelligent sea mammals.

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Paragliding At – Tünektepe Teleferik

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

By the use of cable cars, we go to the top of a high cliff. Cable cars aren’t the only way to see the beautiful city of Antalya, so they started the paragliding activities which are done under specially trained technicians and the full safety of the person is ensured however it should be done at your own risk and comfort. After giving you a rough idea of the technique, they give you safety gears and you’re all set to glide through the air.

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Tunektepe Telefreik

It is a lifetime opportunity and a must-do for all adventure seekers. You witness a plethora of buildings, houses, boats, and the enormous Mediterranean Sea. It’s like seeing the entire city from a different perspective. Cold feet and tremors may precede the activity but once you’re done with it, you’ll be jubilant.

Get Soothing Spa And Sauna At The – Lara Hamami

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Lara Hamami

Turkey is famous for its Turkish baths and spa massages. The Lara Bath adjacent to Lara beach promises the best spa, sauna, and exfoliating massages of various kinds. A very clean and friendly environment of the Spa comforts the body as well as the mind. Customers usually spend about 2 hours here. The bath has family and couple packages that include a body scrub, foam massage, hot tub massage, and entry to the sauna.

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Antalya Toy Museum

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

Antalya Toy Museum

Opened in the year 2011, the Antalya toy museum is the brainchild of Sunay Akin, of Istanbul. The museum is home to several toys tracing back to the late 1800s. These toys or replicas of toys are made mainly of clay resembling their ancient origin. The museum is the only of its kind in all of Turkey and Istanbul. Several shows for kids are conducted here giving examples of creative, educational, and developer games. Many modern-day cartoons are present at the entrance to greet the guests.

Ataturk Park

– One Of The Best Things To Do In Antalya

Yivliminare Mosque - 11 Best Things To Do In Antalya, Turkey / Ataturk Park

Ataturk Park is an amusement park, sure to leave you marveled at the fairground attractions and a myriad of rides and attractions to chose from. From the Ferris wheel to roller coasters and modern-day Disney rides the park has it all. Maintained with top-class security and secure rides, it is not only a place for kids but also an adult amusement park sure to leave you enthralled. apart from the rides, the park also has facilities for a comfortable stay and dining.

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Yivliminare Mosque

– One Of The Best Places To Visit In Antalya

Yivliminare Mosque

located in the old town of Antalya, the Yivliminare mosque with a structure much different from that of any other mosque. Unlike other mosques, the specialty of this doesn’t lie in the domes made of marble or stone, the entire structure is as tall as a building and in the shape of a flute. The attraction lies in the minaret which is made in red stone and exterior domes have some blue and turquoise tiles.

Antalya is one of the fastest-growing cities of Turkey and apart from the above-mentioned tourist attractions, Antalya is also famous for its serene beauty and tranquility of the routes. If you’re keen on taking back souvenirs for yourself or your family, turkey is famous for very compact and appropriate gifts that too at a very reasonable rate. A resort city that opens the door to the southern Mediterranean region of Turkey, Antalya is known as the Turquoise Coast for good reasons. Stunning blue waters, relaxing beachside retreats, and breathtaking ancient ruins make it the perfect getaway.

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