10 Best Things To Do In Auckland

10 Best Things To Do In Auckland
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10 Best Things To Do In Auckland

Are you looking forward to a trip to a place that offers splendid views, rich cultural heritage experience, and thrilling adventures with an interesting historical background? Then Auckland is the city for you. Auckland is a city located in New Zealand’s North Island. Home to the largest Polynesian population in the world, Auckland is smitten with natural beauty and ethnic diversity. Auckland is the largest urban area in New Zealand and is renowned for being the main transport hub of the country. It is a precious region fought over for centuries for its rich fertile land and Natural Ports on the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. Auckland is enriched with 48 volcanic cones, more than 50 islands and 29,000 km of coastline and beaches. This place is a must visit for nature and diverse culture lovers.

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Here Are 10 Best Things To Do In Auckland

1) Paddle Out To Rangitoto Island On A Kayak Or Ferry

Things To Do In Auckland - Rangitoto Island

You can hire a Kayak or even get to Rangitoto Island on a ferry. Rangitoto Island is a dormant volcano near Downtown Auckland. It is one of the youngest volcanoes and upon reaching the summit after a one hour trek on the old lava flows, you can enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view that the Auckland region will offer.

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2) Discover East Coast And West Coast Beaches

Things To Do In Auckland - West Coast Beaches

With a 29,000 km long coastline, hundreds of beaches are within easy reach. You can grab your costume and head towards the east coast in the morning and then you can go for surfing the very same day in the afternoon at the west coast’s rugged black-sand surf beaches.

3) Take A Day Trip To Waiheke Island

Things To Do In Auckland - Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is Auckland’s Island of wine. This slice of heaven is bundled with beautiful island beaches and about 30 wineries. Along with a wine tasting tour, you can enjoy a vineyard lunch with gorgeous views.

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4) Walk Over The Country In Just 5 Hours

Things To Do In Auckland - Viaduct Harbor

Start from Viaduct Harbour on Auckland’s east coast and reach Manaku Harbour on the west after a 16km journey through beautiful landscapes, urban regions, and many dormant volcanoes.

5) Discover World’s Largest Compilation Of Māori Taonga

Things To Do In Auckland - Auckland Museum

For a sneak peek at the ancient Māori culture, visit the Auckland Museum which has more than 1000 taonga (treasures). From small valuable artifacts to a real full-size marae (meeting house) and waka (canoe) are available in this museum.

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6) Visit Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Things To Do In Auckland - Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

Turtle rescue is Sea Life aquarium’s new attraction. It involves rescue of a digital turtle. Get to see the world’s largest penguin colony exhibit as well as Spiny Sea Dragons’ only show in the world. Biggest species of Stingray on this planet are exclusive to this aquarium along with an underwater aquarium of colorful fish. You can also watch the sharks at feeding time and even book your own shark dive.

7) Take A Tour To The Great Barrier Island

Things To Do In Auckland - Great Barrier Island

The Great Barrier Island is smitten with astonishing beauty and is designated as the world’s first Internal Dark Sky Sanctuary-joining only two other venues. It is a must visit for stargazers and night lovers as this island is off the grid with minimal outdoor lighting.

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8) Get To Know A Forgotten Island – Rotoroa Island

Things To Do In Auckland - Rotoroa Island

After 100 long years, Rotoroa Island was reopened to the public in 2005. Now a new exhibition center and museum, Rotoroa island was once a private rehabilitation center. Visit the historical chapel and jailhouse, and enjoy a blissful walk along the white sand beaches and brush trails.

9) An Active Volcanic Field

Things To Do In Auckland - Volcanic Cones

The city stands on an active volcanic field. However, you need not worry as 48 of the volcanic cones are dormant and the last eruption occurred around 600 years ago. This active volcano base provides immense beauty to the city and is a perfect spot for picnics and brisk walks.

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10) Enjoy The Pasifika Festival

Things To Do In Auckland - Pasifika Festival

Auckland is home to the largest population of Polynesian people in the world. Enjoy the annual Pasifika festival where various genuine villages represent different Pacific island nations. Enjoy traditional food along with eye catchy artworks, soothing music, and lively dance.